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  • A Global Company with Midwestern Roots

    It’s a question that comes up every so often, and one I’ve pondered myself: How did an international corporation that’s poised to revolutionize...
  • Good Onya, Mate! A "Longman's" Road to America’s Bedding Industry

    “Good onya” might be a new term for many of us, but for our friends Down Under, it’s a well-known congratulatory saying, like “good for you” or...
  • When Does Your Mattress Really Need to Change?

    Conventional wisdom would have us saying in unison, “your mattress needs to change every 7 - 10 years.” But here at iSense Sleep, we don't typical...
  • A Bedtime Story You’ll Tell Your Friends

    As the sun peaked over the horizon, another fine day was upon us in Mattressville, a prospering city full of proud citizens revered for their matt...
  • What it Means to be an iSense Sleeper™

    From the title, you are most likely wondering, “Am I an iSense Sleeper™?” And, “Who are those people?” You would know an iSense Sleeper™ by the pe...
  • What is a Comfort Control™ Specialist?

    I’ll admit it: When I first found out we call the isense Sleep customer service team “Comfort Control™ Specialists,” I assumed it was a marketi...