When Does Your Mattress Really Need to Change?

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Conventional wisdom would have us saying in unison, “your mattress needs to change every 7 - 10 years.” But here at iSense Sleep, we don't typically accept the conventional answer or approach. To us, the answer is that your mattress needs to change whenever you need it to change.

That could mean the day after you buy it or a year later. Who knows exactly when? It certainly seems our needs would change many times over the 7 - 10 years of typical mattress ownership.

Wait, what?

We know, this goes against nearly 77,000 years of mattress advice. We just ask that you be open. This isn’t like the Tomorrowland attraction at Disney that depicts views of the future; the future of mattresses is finally here.

For as long as anyone can remember, buying a mattress includes plenty of options from ultra firm to ultra plushfrom a basic mattress that may cost $300 to the high-end mattress that will cost well over $10,000. (Yeah, some mattresses cost that much.) Regardless of density or construction, they all have one thing in common: The only time they change is when you decide it’s time to get a new one.

This seems counterintuitive. A lot changes in your life over the 7 - 10 years of what is thought to be normal for mattress ownership. Things happen in life that require a different sleeping experience. What we thought was best for our sleeping experience the day we bought a mattress most likely won't be for the entire life of the mattress. Sleeping preferences change, andlet’s be realour bodies change, too.

Rather than putting a mattress in your bedroom that just sits there year after year, wouldn’t it make sense to put a mattress in your bedroom that changes when you need it to? When you bought your mattress, it may have been with a desire to find something with a plusher feel, but all it takes is one rough day, trying to do too much in the yard, or an unfortunate physical injury, and you may need more support out of your mattress. Fortunately, today the technology exists for changing your mattress support levels whenever you'd like.

Recently introduced are groundbreaking VariCoil™ and VariFoam™ technologies pioneered by iSense Sleep that allow individuals the ability to change comfort levels in spring and foam mattresses, something previously only available in an adjustable air mattress. Finally, comfort is yours to control in a full line of spring, foam and air mattresses.

To put it another way, whatever your preferred sleep surface, every mattress you could find in a traditional retail store is now available in one of three iSense Sleep mattresses. But now, no matter what sleep surface you prefer, whether spring, foam or air, you can change your comfort level simply from the touch of an app to give you a firmer or plusher feeling mattress whenever it’s needed. 

According to 2016 census data, more than 323 million people were living in America, and we like to think iSense Sleep can accommodate the individuality of all 323 million people with just three mattresses with its built-in Comfort Control™ technology. It’s changing the way we sleepand buy mattressesforever.

iSense Sleepers™ know exactly when a mattress needs to change: whenever your body asks for change.  Because of that, we revolutionized the industry with individualized Comfort Control™ technology.

Now ask yourself, “When is it time to change my mattress?”

The answer is today and every night with iSense Sleep Spring, iSense Sleep Foam, and iSense Sleep Air.

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