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What makes us different from Sleep Number?
Don’t go any further until you’ve watched this video.
It’s only 90 seconds. Trust us, you’ll be surprised.
The difference is in our
Comfort Control™ Technology
Cross section animation of isense mattress and the chambers expanding and contracting.
isense® Revive Hybrid Premier
isense mattresses are engineered with 12 air chambers, nestled between our premium Energex foam to give you precise control of firmness and softness - all at the touch of a button.
3D of Sleep Number mattress, depicting two air chambers.
Sleep Number i8
Conventional air bed brands such as Sleep Number use two large air chambers to adjust the firmness of the mattress.
Do you want to sleep on an air bed? We didn’t think so.
isense® Eliminates Partner Disturbance
Animation: Bowling ball dropped on isense mattress but stays.
isense® Revive Hybrid Premier
Animation: Bowling ball is dropped on a SN mattress and bounces off.
Sleep Number i8
We design our mattresses with individuals and couples in mind, to ensure the least amount of disturbance for you and your partner. A bowling ball dropped on a Sleep Number air chamber bounces right off. But with an isense mattress, it stays put. That’s because on a mattress supported only by air bladders, air is disrupted across the whole sleeping surface with every move you make.
The Cuddle Zone
Show isense Cuddle Zone
isense® Revive Hybrid Premier
Show Sleep Number Cuddle Zone
Sleep Number i8
The six air chambers on each side of an isense mattress work in harmony with our durable foam core, reducing motion as well as the amount of sink in the cuddle zone.
Surface Evenness
isense mattress without impression
isense® Revive Hybrid Premier
Sleep Number mattress impression
Sleep Number i8
With isense®, the surface of your mattress will always go back to its original shape, regardless of your firmness setting.
Smart Bed Technology
Customize Your Perfect Sleep
isense adjustable mattresses are designed to change with the needs of real people. Using our Comfort Control™ Technology, you can adjust the firmness of your mattress—and so can your partner. Our range of 40 support settings helps you achieve your best night’s sleep tonight and every night.
Sleep Performance Monitoring
isense® Sleep Performance Monitoring allows you to monitor your heart rate, breathing, and depth of sleep cycles, allowing you to pinpoint factors that impact your individual quality of sleep.
Hybrid Coil Support
isense® Revive
Sleep Number i8
Pocket coils provide you with an extra layer of comfort. And these are not your standard coils... isense pocket coils are individually wrapped, so they are quiet and exceptional for reducing partner disturbance.
Click here to learn more about isense hybrid coils.
How we compare to a Sleep Number Mattress
Let’s break it down.
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