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"Best Adjustable Mattress of 2024"


"Best Hybrid Smart Mattress"

"Smart mattresses with adjustable firmness typically use air chambers, which, when done poorly, can leave people feeling like they're sleeping on a very fancy air mattress. The iSense Hybrid Premier mattress aims to eliminate that feeling by adding pocket coils for extra support."

-Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Best Value Adjustable Mattress"

"It’s one of the best prices you’ll see for an adjustable option—it’s a great mattress that offers a lot of bang for your buck."

— Forbes

Best Mattress 2024

"Best Adjustable Mattress...It’s also the highest-scoring adjustable mattress we’ve tested to date"


"The whole essence of our business is to say 'hey, enjoy your relationships, but at the end of the day you need to be sleeping on something that's right.' Not something that's an average between the two people."

— NewsLeader

10/10 Pressure Relief

"Pressure relief on the iSense Select is outstanding. During our tests, I felt no significant level of pressure point build-up. The mattress is incredibly comfortable."


Best Sleep Number Alternative

"The iSense does a more successful job, in my opinion, at creating a range of firmnesses without sacrificing support."


Best Custom Mattress for Couples

“Thanks to its adjustable air chambers, the iSense Hybrid Premier is one of the most customizable coil mattresses we’ve tested.”

– Sleep Foundation

Best Overall Gaming Mattress

"iSense Hybrid Premier Mattress is a good choice for gamers...Paired with the ISense Elite Adjustable Base, it allows tailored support with synchronized adjustments or independent movement options.”

-Smart Mattress Buy

Top Luxury Queen Mattress: Best for Couples

"This mattress brand uses best-in-class foam to deliver contouring, motion-isolation, pressure-relief, and support for your body."

— Smart Mattress Buy

Best Mattress for Sciatica

"Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers...The iSense Hybrid Premier goes above and beyond your standard mattress.”

-Sleep Foundation

Best Luxury Mattress

"The iSense Hybrid Premier stands out thanks to its use of adjustable air chambers, a feature most commonly found in traditional luxury airbeds."

— Sleep Doctor

iSense Classic Review

"iSense Classic Mattress provides the comfort and support of a traditional mattress with the added benefits of dual-sided adjustability and cooling technology."

-Smart Mattress Buy

iSense Hybrid Premier Review

"The iSense mattress ensures that couples can share a bed without compromising on comfort."

– Sleep Advisor

"Most Comfortable Smart Mattress"

— Sleep Foundation

iSense vs. Sleep Number

"iSense stands out prominently from Sleep Number mattresses due to its revolutionary Comfort Control™ Technology. "

— Smart Mattress Buy

iSense Hybrid Premier Review

"It is easily the best adjustable mattress we’ve tested to date.”

– NapLab

iSense Hybrid Premier Review

"It allows for individualized comfort adjustment on either side of the mattress without causing disturbance to your partner."

-Smart Mattress Buy

5 Best Mattresses | Side Sleepers

"iSense Classic mattress is 11 inches thick and made entirely of foam. It uses top-notch foam and each layer is designed to support your body by contouring and isolating motion. It’s great for people who sleep on their sides."

— Smart Mattress Buy

Best Airbed Mattress

“With seven air chambers on each side of the mattress, you can really customize the pressure relief and support on the iSense Hybrid Premier. It’s a great option for sleepers who routinely experience painful pressure buildup.”

— Sleep Foundation

iSense Hybrid Premier Review

"Ideal for: People in need of extra pressure relief, Hot sleepers, Couples with differing needs and preferences, Those who want to track their sleep quality"

-Sleep Foundation

"After decades in the mattress industry, Paul Longman knew a better sleep solution was out there somewhere."


"An adjustable bed can grow and change with you, whether you’re dealing with an injury or other variables."

— Biz417

"Putting adjustability into the technology so that people can make that decision when they get home."

- Mattress Clarity

“Disrupting the disruptors” with its integrated adjustable sleep solution."

— Furniture Today

"Adjustable beds can help alleviate health issues like snoring and back pain."


"Offering shoppers the option to pay over time with Affirm is 'more important than ever.'"

— Affirm


In the Press

Former Insomnia Treatment Company CEO Joins Mattress Company as Chief Science Officer

Robert Oexman, D.C. clinical sleep doctor and former CEO of insomnia treatment company, Somly, joined adjustable mattress company iSense as the company’s first Chief Science Officer. 

Mattress company initiates appreciation for First Responders’ sleep

Making new, high-quality mattresses accessible to first responders across the nation in honor of National First Responders Day.

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