What makes us different from Sleep Number?

You be the judge.

The difference is in our
Comfort Control™ Technology

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isense® Revive Hybrid
isense mattresses are engineered with 12 air chambers, nestled between our premium Energex™ Foam to give you precise control of your comfort. Unlike an air bed, support comes from the premium pocket coils below the Comfort Control ™Technology.
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Sleep Number i10
Sleep Number uses two large air chambers to provide the mattress support and to vary the firmness on either side of the bed.
Do you want to sleep on an air bed?
Try the isense® Revive Hybrid Mattress instead.

isense® Eliminates Motion Disturbance

Watch what happens to the bowling ball when we apply pressure to each mattress. Because isense has 6 chambers on either side, and is nestled into the foam, motion transfer is eliminated. However, a mattress like Sleep Number that is supported primarily by air behaves very differently. Air can be quite disruptive, and movement on one part of the bed easily transfers to other parts of the bed.
The Cuddle Zone
isense® Revive Hybrid
Sleep Number i10
We like to call the middle of the bed the "cuddle zone." When one person is on a firm setting and the other is on a softer setting, some mattresses have a "ledge" in the middle of the bed. Watch what happens when a bowling ball is rolled across the mattresses from a side with a firm setting side to a side with a plush setting. Having 6 air chambers on either side of the bed, the isense mattress presents an even surface across the middle of the bed.
Surface Evenness
isense® Revive Hybrid
Sleep Number i10
When sleeping on a softer setting on a Sleep Number mattress, your body signature remains visible on the surface of the mattress when you exit the bed, as air has no ability to spring back. With isense, the surface of the mattress will always recover regardless of your comfort setting.
Smart Bed Technology
Customize Your Perfect Sleep
isense adjustable mattresses are designed to change with the needs of real people. Using our Comfort Control™ Technology, you can adjust the firmness of your mattress—and so can your partner. Our range of 40 support settings (20 on each side) helps you achieve your best night’s sleep tonight and every night.
Sleep Performance Monitoring
isense® Sleep Performance Monitoring with the isense® Adjustable SMART Pillow allows you to monitor your heart rate, breathing, and depth of sleep cycles, allowing you to pinpoint factors that impact your individual quality of sleep.
Hybrid Coil Support
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Pocket coils provide you with the ultimate support system. And these are not your standard coils... isense pocket coils are individually wrapped, so they are quiet and exceptional for reducing partner disturbance.
Click here to learn more about isense hybrid coils.
How we compare to Sleep Number Mattresses

Let’s break it down.

isense Revive
Sleep Number i10
Price - Queen Size (Everyday list price)
Price - King Size FlexHead™ (Everyday list price)
Mattress Thickness
Return fees apply
10-Year Limited: Full 10 Years on Mattress, Full 3 Years on Electronics, Prorate Electronics Years 4-10
15 Year Limited: Full 1 Year coverage, Prorate all mattresses and electronics for years 2-15
Free To Your Door, $199 Installation
$199 Installation
In-home Trial
180 Night
100 Night
Included in Price
Additional Charge
Sleep Number i8
Return fees apply
15 Year Limited: Full 1 Year coverage, Prorate all mattresses and electronics for years 2-15
$199 Installation
100 Night
Additional Charge
Sleep Number p6
Return fees apply
15 Year Limited: Full 1 Year coverage, Prorate all mattresses and electronics for years 2-15
$199 Installation
100 Night
Additional Charge
180-Night Comfort Guarantee
No Return or Restocking Fees, No Hassles, No Risks, and Absolutely No Gimmicks.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your isense® mattress, you can return it for a full refund within 180 nights, after the first 45 days. Since all new mattresses and their owners need time to adjust to the ideal comfort, we require customers to keep the mattress for 45 nights before initiating a return.
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