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A Bedtime Story You’ll Tell Your Friends

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As the sun peaked over the horizon, another fine day was upon us in Mattressville, a prospering city full of proud citizens revered for their mattress-making magic for as long as anyone could remember.

Like many thriving metropolises, Mattressville had distinct communities: Springville, Foam Town, and Air Central. The people who lived in each these communities swore by the mattresses they loved: those in Springville loved the bounce of a spring mattress, Foam Town’s residents couldn’t live without the hug of a foam mattress, and Air Central was home to die-hard fans of the original adjustable air mattress. While the residents’ preferences for sleep surfaces differed, they all touted a meticulous manufacturing process and claimed the use of finest materials in the land on the variety of mattress types, from firm to plush, basic to luxurious. 

As those in Mattressville prepared to begin their daily production of these white fluffy boxes of many sizes and materials, many stopped in the local coffee shops on the way to work, which were bustling with talk of the City’s many accomplishments. What no one knew was that a change was on the horizon; a change that would disrupt Mattressville in ways that could have never been imagined.

A new community was blossoming in Mattressville: Comfort Control™ District. New communities had emerged before, as Air Central was formed well after Springville and Foam Town. But, Comfort Control™ District was different; it was a community that was inclusive of those residents from Springville, Foam Town, and Air Central due to the different type of mattresses produced by this community. Yes, they too made their mattresses with the finest materials in the land, but unlike what was built in Springville, Foam Town, and Air Central, The Comfort Control™ District was offering a full range of comfort in just three models - one spring, one foam, and one air – while all other communities needed too many models to count to satisfy their residents.

The newest community in Mattressville was fast drawing the ire of those who had proclaimed their loyalty to the mattress surface they loved, be it spring, foam or air. As time passed, the communities of Springville, Foam Town, and Air Central began to suffer economic ills as their people were flocking to the Comfort Control™ District. While many of their residents were as immovable as the mattresses they made, others marveled at a future-forward product from the Comfort Control™ District that was sure to change the mattress buying and sleep experience forever.

But, what was this change in mattress production? What was this sense revitalization the people of the Comfort Control™ District were experiencing that was so inclusive of those with different mattress preferences and needs? Aahh … it was change itself. 

The new options in the Comfort Control™ District were not like the mattress available from those old bed communities in Springville or Foam Town, the ones that just literally stayed put, stationary, in the bedrooms of the two communities, day after day, year after year. Air Central, a fairly new community compared to Springville and Foam Town, offered a product that only began production in the 1980’s: the adjustable air mattress. However, in its infancy as a community, the Comfort Control™ District revolutionized the expected mattress experience with Comfort Control™ technology in the beds the residents produced, called iSense Sleep Spring, iSense Sleep Foam, and iSense Sleep Air.

Coming from the vibrant, well-rested community of the Comfort Control™ District was the world’s first line of mattresses in your choice of Spring, Foam, or Air, but all with adjustable comfort. Finally, a bed that does not just sit there every day after you buy it. iSense Sleep beds, I guess you could say, were an overnight sensation as comfort could not previously change in your choice of a premium spring, foam, or air mattress any time, day or night, all from the touch of a mobile app. The people of the Comfort Control™ District became known as iSense Sleepers™, a community of those who believe, like most do, that we should be able to control our comfort with our mattress at any time. And so it was, the Comfort Control™ District became the place everyone wanted to live and, yes, sleep. A nation of iSense Sleepers™ was born.

iSense Sleep Spring, iSense Sleep Foam, and iSense Sleep Air awakened those well beyond the Comfort Control™ District as the news of change reverberated throughout Mattressville. It seems iSense Sleepers™ were everywhere, waiting to embrace their preferred mattress surface that put comfort–from ultra plush to ultra firm–in their hands to control. It was not a surprise that the Mattressville residents who converted to iSense Sleepers™ never went back to their old communities or the old ways of sleeping on a white fluffy box that was primarily a static bedroom fixture. Those days, it seemed, were over. 

And, like every great story, the iSense Sleep Comfort Control™ saga was being shared across the world. As for those sleepy Springville, Foam Town, and Air Central communities, well, they’re still around. But, the Comfort Control™ District brought its iSense Sleep mattresses to a whole new generation of mattress buyers. They accomplished what could only be achieved by making hundreds of different mattresses in the older Mattressville communities in just three premium mattresses models with Comfort Control™ technology.

This story of iSense Sleep technology and Comfort Control™ is still being written and will for many years to come. The beauty of it all, however, is that iSense Sleepers™ sleep like any great bedtime story ends: Happily Ever After.

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