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What it Means to be an iSense Sleeper™

From the title, you are most likely wondering, “Am I an iSense Sleeper™?” And, “Who are those people?” You would know an iSense Sleeper™ by the pep in their step and boasting a bright, wide-eyed appearance regardless of the early hour. That’s because they sleep well and comfortably for the recommended 7-9 hours each and every night. iSense Sleepers™ are most likely the most diverse crowd of people you will ever see in one bed. Scratch that, actually they all fit into one of three beds. Seems amazing, right? You’ll be surprised how easy the answer is.

iSense Sleepers™ represent every type of person you can imagine, from different sizes, shapes, and yes, all colors, too. They are athletes, cooks, executives, exercise freaks, loafers, couch potatoes, and thrill-seekers. They love their late night movies and early morning news. They are young, middle-aged and old. As you see, iSense Sleepers™ are the same as you in many respects; they go through everyday life not knowing what's around the corner. They have their great days and then their not-so-great days. They experience all the same things as everyone does … you know, those things that keep us up at night, whether it's worry, stress or the occasional back pain. 

As a matter of fact, the only thing an iSense Sleeper™ discriminates about is an old mattress that does not change or recognize our differences. So, as individual as iSense Sleepers™ are, how is it that someone can become an iSense Sleeper™ with only three mattress options? It’s simple: you embrace change in life and in your mattress, such as the adjustable firmness mattress that is very popular.

Finally, comfort is now yours to control no matter what mattress surface you love: spring, foam or air. In other words, your mattress won’t just sit there night after night at the same level of comfort at which you bought it, thanks to iSense Sleep’s Comfort Control™ technology. At the touch of a button on a mobile app, you can change your comfort level from ultra firm to ultra plush. And just like that, you’re an iSense Sleeper™.

You see, the only way to accommodate every kind of person, preference, and life-changing event was to invent the first-ever air-assisted technology that did not interfere with the bounce-like qualities of spring or the hug-like feel of foam beds and is uniquely engineered to provide a full range of Comfort Control™.

That's why iSense Sleepers™ who own one of the three iSense Sleep mattresses actually can be as different as they want because the mattress changes to provide you with the perfect sleep experience tailored to your needs and wants on a daily basis and whenever life changes.

Become an iSense Sleeper™ with on-demand comfort. Never again be faced with testing out an insane number of mattresses for 10 minutes each, only to bring home with you one that will never alter in its 7-10 year lifespan. With iSense Sleep, you simply pick whichever surface you love–spring, foam, or air–and rest assured that for the duration of your mattress, your comfort level will change to accommodate you.

Ta-da! You’re an iSense Sleeper™. Soon there will be millions across this land, and finally, we will all accept each other for who we are … iSense Sleepers™.

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So far I'm waking up without back pain! Love it

Ashley J.

What a great bed now I can a Adjust for my comfort which is soft so my hips and shoulders don’t hurt because I’m a side sleeper love it

Robin S.

I love the bed it supports my back and I can adjust it. I recommend this bed.

Angel C.

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