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What You Need to Know About the Best Mattress for Heavier Couples

You and your partner deserve a great night’s sleep, regardless of your size or body type. Unfortunately, most mattresses aren’t designed to provide the same level of comfort to heavier persons. Read the small print, and you’ll find that the average mattress has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. per person with a combined capacity of up to 500 lbs. for a shared mattress. Why does your mattress’s weight range matter? Well, weight affects how your body experiences support levels, because the heavier you are, the more you compress your mattress. As a result, a mattress labeled medium firm for a 200-lbs. person will feel closer to medium or medium soft to a person who weighs 300 lbs. When you think about it, this affects the entire mattress shopping experience and what we need from the best mattress for overweight couples.

We expect more from a bed, and so should you. To empower your search, we outline what to look for in a mattress for an overweight couple, and give practical advice for getting your best night’s sleep.

The Best Mattress for Overweight Couples Checklist

The right mattress makes all the difference, especially if you or your partner don’t fit conventional weight expectations. At isense, we know that real couples come in all sizes, so we’ve designed the best mattress for overweight couples with features that will help you fall in love with sleep again. Use this checklist as you search for a bed that improves your quality of life through better sleep.

  1. Adjustable Support

Chances are you and your partner have different body weights and compositions. So, the support you need could be very different from what they need. What’s more, your sleep needs will change with weight fluctuations and age or other life events. An adjustable mattress with Comfort Control™ technology empowers you and your partner to fine tune your support as individuals while sharing your bed as partners.

  1. Soothing Sleep Surface

Every couple should have a choice of sleep surfaces. Until isense designed an adjustable mattress with innerspring technology, foam air beds were the only adjustable options for couples. A combination of high-quality springs and ample proprietary foam gives heavier couples excellent support and comfort. Beware of lower quality springs or thin comfort layers, because they will quickly wear out long before you should have to replace your mattress.

  1. Replaceable Components

Conventional mattresses start to wear out sooner than the reported 7-10 years when they aren’t engineered to accommodate larger couples. This can be due to low-quality components, poor construction or less durable materials. Whatever the reason, that’s not inclusive design and it doesn’t solve problems for real couples like you and your partner. isense adjustable mattresses are designed with replaceable components. Every mattress, even ours, wears out eventually, but we make it easy to maintain your mattress over time. Simply unzip, remove a module and replace it.

  1. Temperature Regulation

Sleep can get…sweaty. You know what we mean. Internal body temperatures fluctuate while you sleep, and a lot of people “sleep hot” because they don’t have much airflow beneath the covers. As a larger person, you may feel this more acutely as the folds and curves of your body touch each other and your partner when you lie down. With temperature-balancing technology, night sweats and shivers are a thing of the past. Our proprietary Energex™ foam is exceptionally breathable to help you stay dry and comfortable all night long.

  1. Sleep Tracking

Getting your best night’s sleep involves identifying potential sleep problems before they start to interfere with your lifestyle. Sleep tracking is fairly rare in the adjustable mattress industry, but it’s a must-have when you prioritize improving your sleep quality. We’ve placed biometric sensors in each isense adjustable mattress to capture sleep data for your use. Track your sleeping patterns and vitals to inform the adjustments that will improve your comfort and support your body through all of life’s changes.

Sleep Tips For Large Couples

Weight can make you and your partner more susceptible to certain sleep problems. The best mattress for an overweight couple can be a tool for preventing and treating these conditions such as snoring, sleep apnea and joint pain. Here’s what you can do to stay a step ahead of common sleep disruptors.

  1. Snoring

Approximately 45 percent of adults in America snore. So, if you or your partner snore, you’re not alone. Because snoring is caused by soft tissues in the throat collapsing while you sleep, carrying more weight in your face and neck makes you more susceptible to this noisy sleep condition. Left unaddressed, snoring can lead to sleep deprivation for both partners. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to alleviate snoring at home by making simple lifestyle changes. For example, if you sleep on your back, practice sleeping on your side—placing a large pillow between your knees will help support your hips.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Chronic snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. More severe than snoring, this type of sleep apnea is also caused by tissues collapsing in the throat and blocking the airways. When you have sleep apnea, you actually stop breathing in small increments throughout the night. Although these interruptions are brief, they can deprive your body—especially your brain—of the oxygen you need to function. Sleep apnea is most common in men over age 40 and people who are considered overweight. Talk to your doctor about a snoring problem if it causes any of the common sleep apnea symptoms, like gasping for breath or daytime drowsiness. Catching it early can prevent heart disease and stroke.

  1. Joint Pain

Researches at Harvard Medical report that the pressure put on your knees during walking equals 1.5 times your body weight. So, if you weigh 300 lbs., your knees bear 450 lbs. with every step. Wear and tear on your joints can lead to osteoarthritis, a common and painful condition. Be kind to your joints by supporting your spine and relieving pressure points while your body sleeps and rebuilds tissues in your muscles and heals aches and pains. Select a firmer mattress setting and let your body relax into a plush foam layer on the best mattress for overweight couples.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes

Your doctor has probably already told you about the increased risk of type 2 diabetes for overweight individuals. But have they told how sleep deprivation is also a significant risk factor for type 2 diabetes? It is! The National Sleep Foundation found that consistent lack of sleep makes people more prone to this health condition. Why? One of the reasons is because sleep helps to balance hormones—including blood sugar-regulating insulin—many of which play a role in appetite, metabolism and stress management. If common sense sleep tips don’t help you soothe sleep deprivation, try some of our unexpected, mind-blowing sleep advice and start snoozing.

  1. Muscle Soreness

Whether you’re pursuing a challenging hobby or trying to lose weight, physical activity takes a toll on more than your joints. Studies have found several links between exercise and sleep, and the verdict is good news. Being active any time of day helps you sleep more soundly. On the flip side, restful sleep rebuilds your muscles and lowers the perception of aches and pains. It’s a win, win.

Falling asleep when your muscles are tight or sore is the tricky part. If you have trouble sleeping due to sore muscles, remember to cool down and stretch after each workout and consider a warm bath or shower before bed. When you hit the hay, set your mattress firmness to support proper spinal alignment as your body heals overnight.

When we look at the limitations of conventional mattresses, it’s clear that isense is unique. Our Comfort Control™ technology and modular approach to mattress construction makes us the best mattress for overweight couples as well as any couple looking for an inclusive sleep solution. 

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