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When Life Changes, So Should Your Mattress

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If there is one thing we can be sure of in life, it’s that life changes. Curveballs come at us from all sides and at some of the least expected moments. More than anything else, our bodies change. There are small changes like weight fluctuations and your partner finding new gray hairs on your head. Then there are big changes like pregnancy or the onset of back pain. And let’s not forget about those surprise injuries and illnesses that can literally knock us off our feet. Relationships change too, and as a couple, you’ve already weathered some of these twists and turns together, or you’re anticipating many adventures to come.

One way or another, most of life’s changes can have an impact on our sleep. So, you need an adjustable bed mattress that can adapt to your needs and the needs of your partner for years to come.

Life Changes That Need an Adjustable Bed Mattress

For the most part, change is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or comfortable. We’ve gathered expert insights on a few common life changes that can have a profound impact on your sleep needs.

Joint or Back Pain

Osteoarthritis is a very common cause of joint and back pain as we age, though muscular-skeletal pain can develop at any point. Proper spine alignment can prevent joint and back pain and also give you relief as you sleep. Ask your partner to help you identify your body’s alignment because comfort isn’t always a good indicator of alignment or support.


We don’t have to tell you that pregnancy changes bodies and sleep habits in profound ways, for both partners. Your sleep position during pregnancy can limit circulation, cause discomfort and slow your digestive system. Experts at the American Pregnancy Association recommend sleeping on your left side. Side sleepers need to be able to relieve pressure on their hips and shoulders while supporting healthy spinal alignment. An adjustable firmness mattress can help you adapt to each stage of pregnancy and a new sleep position.


Snoring is one of those frustrating sleep problems that can worsen with age or other changes in your body. Fortunately, you can stop snoring with key lifestyle changes. An adjustable bed mattress that’s compatible with an adjustable base can help you clear the airways for snore-free sleep. Your partner can thank us later.

Accident and Injury

Even if you or your partner obtain only minor injuries from an accident, your body and your mind have experienced a traumatic event. Experts at the National Sleep Foundation advise that you make your sleep space feel safe and relaxing. You need a haven from both the anxiety and physical pain that can follow an accident. Create a peaceful sleep environment and select a mattress you can adjust throughout the healing process.

The Mattress Industry Is Changing…Slowly

Think about your life over the past year. You’ve probably experienced at least one of the scenarios mentioned above. Everyone can relate to the need to pivot and adapt. That’s why so many brands have created products that can be customized or changed to satisfy our needs. Imagine if the driver’s seat in your car came in only one position. What if every time you turned on the TV or your favorite song, you couldn’t change the volume, even if you had limited hearing? And don’t get us started on “one size fits all” clothing…It doesn’t.

Mattress manufacturers are also catching on to the fact that bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, with different preferences that develop throughout our lives. Currently, there are over 600 mattress manufacturers in the U.S. and more than 10,000 mattress retailers. The over-abundance of products feels like a sea of confusing mattress types, materials and comfort claims. The problem is that it seems like there’s a sleep solution for every individual need, but not enough options that can change with the same person—let alone a couple—to help them achieve their best night’s sleep night after night.

In a Consumer Reports survey published in 2016 of over 62,000 respondents, 80 percent of those with an adjustable air bed were very or completely satisfied with their mattress and the group least likely to regret their purchase. But, these satisfied consumers with an adjustable firmness mattress represented only five percent of the mattress buying market. At that point in mattress innovation, adjustability wasn’t widely available to people who preferred an innerspring or foam sleep surface, so many consumers went without this important feature.

Yes, the mattress industry has come a long way from its roots nearly 77,000 years ago when “mattresses” consisted of grass and leaves. And a few decades since the adjustable air mattress was first introduced in the 1980s, adjustable sleep options specifically for couples are still nearly nonexistent. Enter the fully adjustable, changing mattress from isense.

isense has designed the world’s first fully adjustable premium mattress line with built-in Comfort Control™ technology you and your partner can adjust without affecting each other’s sleep. With the touch of an app, comfort is yours to control from ultra plush to ultra firm. You aren’t limited to just one kind of sleep surface, either. Our beds include the Refresh Energex Foam mattress and the Revive Hybrid Premier with innerspring support. Finally, 100 percent of consumers can experience adjustable comfort technology with a changing mattress that meets each couple’s needs today and through every new stage of life.

An Adjustable Firmness Mattress for Every Body and Every Couple

When it comes to your physical and mental health, restful sleep is essential. As you face major life events with your partner, your bedroom can be a shared sleep sanctuary to recharge at the end of each day. If these changes include pregnancy, joint pain or perhaps a minor back injury, a conventional mattress is unlikely to offer the rest and rejuvenation you need because its support level is still set to what felt most comfortable when you purchased it.

What happens if your current mattress is perfectly plush for your partner’s comfort levels, but doesn’t give you support as your body heals? You shouldn’t have to place one partner’s comfort over the other’s, and you don’t. isense makes the best mattress for couples who like different firmness levels, because all our beds are fully adjustable and each side can be personalized independently. You don’t have to meet in the middle when it comes to sleep quality—that’s what makes isense mattresses so unique.

Solving the Biggest Sleep Problem for Couples

Without adjustability and dual Comfort Control™, conventional mattress makers are essentially asking couples to compromise when it comes to their sleep quality. That’s a problem, a big problem. Deep, restful sleep helps your body rebuild each night, and without it, you and your partner could become vulnerable to several health risks. Unless you and your partner have the same sleep needs—highly unlikely—the support you need to sleep well is different from what they need, regardless of the changes you’ll face together in the future. This is why isense Founder and CEO Paul Longman designed adjustable firmness mattresses for couples.

Paul Longman is a 30-year industry veteran and has this to say about the mattress purchase experience: “We believe our mattresses will revolutionize the industry. We all want Comfort Control™ so, buying a mattress that just sits in a bedroom for 7-10 years and doesn’t change with you just doesn’t make sense. Whether a month or five years after the purchase of your mattress, that previously wonderful, comfy bed that seemed perfect may no longer be perfect when life throws you a curveball or two.” When you experience lower back pain, a bodily injury or ailment, pregnancy and having a baby, or something as simple as worn out muscles from a daily workout, your comfort and support needs will change. And not just for you, but for your partner, too.

As you experience life’s changes, getting your best sleep all comes down to one simple fact: Life changes and so should your mattress. It’s the least we should expect from the place where we spend one-third of our lives.

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