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What’s the Best Adjustable Bed to Reduce Snoring?

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People snore for many different reasons, but some are more serious than others. 

People snore when the tissues in the back of their neck vibrate as they breathe. Light, occasional snoring is normal and is not something to worry about. However, heavier snoring that occurs more than 3-4 times a week could be a sign of an underlying sleep or breathing issue. Snoring can be a symptom of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), where the airway collapses during sleep. This is a much more serious health condition and would require attention. 

A few of the greatest risk factors for snoring include: 

  • Sedative or sleeping medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Large tonsils or soft palate

There are other factors which can influence the prevalence of snoring. If you or your partner snore night after night, check with your healthcare provider about testing for OSA. However, if you or your partner only snore occasionally after a long day, you may be able to reduce your snoring right at home. 

If you're a light sleeper and want to address snoring, consider exploring adjustable bases for your bed frame.

Additionally, if you already have an existing bed frame and innerspring mattresses, you can enhance your sleep environment by incorporating advanced features like under bed lighting, sleep tracking, and massage features. It is also better if your bed base has adjustable legs or function that sense snoring and automatically adjust its current position. These little adjustments to your sleep preferences or setup can contribute to help you and your partner to fall asleep faster and to experience a more comfortable and potentially quieter night's sleep resulting to overall sleep quality.

Sleep position can affect snoring. 

Sleep positions make a difference for sleep quality in general, but especially for airflow throughout the night. Sleeping on your stomach tends to be the worst for airflow and spinal support. However, sleeping on your back or side are the best postures to keep the airway open. This is because it helps to keep your spine in correct alignment, which allows your airway to remain unobstructed. 

However, sleeping flat on your back can add extra pressure on your spine. It is best to sleep with a small pillow under your knees to reduce some of this pressure and maintain the natural curve of your spine. Another option, however, is to try an adjustable mattress which will enable you to elevate both your head and knees for optimal comfort. 

Adjustable beds provide contouring spinal and airway support. 

An adjustable bed makes it simple to elevate your body to the perfect sleeping position at the push of a button. Many adjustable bed frames include programmable presets which include a Zero Gravity setting. Zero Gravity was initially introduced by NASA for astronauts as the ideal neutral body position for takeoff and landing. It is ideal because the precise angles enable the body to operate with the most ease, in terms of blood circulation, airflow and more. It also reduces pressure on one’s spine, as the elevated torso and knees help to maintain the natural curve of the spine. 

Because this position makes it easy for your body to circulate both blood and air, it also makes it ideal to help reduce snoring. Elevating one’s head, and maintaining an unobstructed airway helps to keep oxygen flowing all night long. 

It would be simple to elevate one’s head and knees with pillows on a regular, flat mattress, but this will not have the same effect. An adjustable mattress and frame help to maintain the natural curve, without any harsh angles or gaps. The mattress contours to your body to provide seamless support from head to toe. Using only pillows leaves gaps in key places. This is why an adjustable mattress can take your regular sleep habits to the next level in support of your body. 

What’s the best adjustable bed for snoring?

When it comes to the best adjustable bed for snoring, you want to look for a mattress and frame combination that will provide this kind of seamless, contouring support. Hybrid, latex and Memory foam mattresses are the best choice for most adjustable beds. Adjustable beds cost varies depending on the features, brand, and size, making it essential to consider your budget and sleep preferences. Both the iSense Classic and the iSense Hybrid Premier are adjustable mattresses built to curve and bend with an adjustable frame. In addition, iSense offers two adjustable bed bases that offer a variety of great features. 

One of the best adjustable beds that iSense offers is the Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base as a sturdy, adjustable foundation for your sleep journey. With endless head and foot positions, a Zero Gravity preset, silent drive motors and built-in USB ports and underbed lighting, this base provides all of the support you need and more. 

The Elite Adjustable Base all the features and even more. This frame offers not only Zero Gravity position in addition to other presets, but also Partner Snore™ Technology where you can easily and gently adjust your partner's head elevation to help reduce snoring during the night. In addition, you can enjoy built-in sonic massage at both your head and feet at three levels of intensity for pressure relief.  This adjustable bed base is available in various sizes such as twin, XL, full, queen, king, split king, and California king, providing a more customized sleep experience.

Snoring can be a barrier to good sleep, but with the right mattress and adjustable bed frame, you can elevate your sleep experience to a whole new level. 

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