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Is an Adjustable Bed Worth It?

What is an adjustable bed? 

An adjustable bed is one which allows you to adjust the firmness of one or both sides of the mattress. There are a variety of styles and designs of adjustable beds. They take regular mattresses to the next level through dynamic comfort. In this article, you’ll learn about the unique benefits of adjustable mattresses with a dual firmness mattress that certainly make them worth it. 

Adjustable beds can change according to your health and sleep needs. 

The kind of mattress you want today may be different from the style of mattress you wanted ten years ago. That is likely because you have changed, and your body and health have likely changed. As you navigate different mattress brands and types, you are likely hoping to find something that will be durable and will last for many years to come. It is hard to say how your health and preferences will change over that time period, but with an adjustable mattress, you don’t need to worry. 

Perhaps you start to realize your back has become more sensitive after starting a more physically demanding job. With an adjustable bed, you can simply press a button and increase the firmness and support for your back. Or perhaps you decide to start sleeping on your side more to improve air circulation to your airway. You can adjust your mattress to match this preference with just a tap. 

At every life and health stage, you can simply adjust your mattress to be firmer or softer to match what you need. When you buy an adjustable iSense Premier mattress, you are buying 40 mattresses in one, if you consider the number of settings available on each side. This means you have a variety of options throughout the years from which to choose. 

Adjustable beds give you and your partner the opportunity to choose your own firmness on each side. 

Most adjustable bed frames are compatible only with flexible foam mattresses, which means you cannot adjust a typical flat mattress using it. But not with iSense adjustable beds.

An iSense adjustable bed, is not only the best choice for a cheaper version of sleep number bed, but  gives you the opportunity to adjust each side of the bed. As your body adjusts and changes, so will your partner. But this doesn’t mean you have to try to agree on a setting or find something that will serve as a compromise. On an iSense adjustable mattress, each partner can choose their own firmness setting for their side of the bed. No more compromising. Each partner receives the sleep support they need, without disturbing or affecting the other, and the perfect sleeping position for a good night's sleep. 

The iSense Classic mattress is constructed to adjust using air encased in layers of foam. Unlike other adjustable beds, this mattress is primarily foam with a proprietary design that adjusts through the foam itself. This provides ample support without a dip in the middle between both sides. 

The iSense Premier Hybrid is constructed using a unique combination of foam, pocket coils, and air pockets. The added coils provide an extra layer of comfort and support, and similarly to the Classic, the mattress adjusts through the foam. This strong and sturdy construction also prevents a middle-of-the-bed dip, creating a sturdy cuddle zone, so both partners can sleep well, but still enjoy sleeping together. 

Adjustable beds can provide real-time sleep data to help you find your perfect sleep environment. 

Adjustable beds offer dynamic support on both sides of the bed, but they can also turn this support into data you can use to find your optimal sleep environment. The iSense Premier Hybrid contains smart bed sleep-tracking technology, and the iSense Classic includes the option to upgrade to this technology if you would like to add it. 

Smart bed technology allows you to track basic measurements which will inform you about the quality of your sleep, night after night. It measures heart rate, breathing rate, body movement, and temperature. These measurements are compiled into an overall sleep score which shows you the quality of your rest. 

And similar to the adjustable features, each partner can track their own sleep data separately. This data can help you discover the perfect level of firmness for your side, as well as other factors which might influence your sleep quality. 

Tracking your sleep data will help you make real-time, concrete adjustments so you—and your partner—can find your perfect sleep environment and comfortable sleeping position. 

Adjustable beds paired with adjustable bases add even more features. 

When you pair an adjustable mattress with an adjustable frame, your mattress capabilities expand even more. An adjustable base allows you to lift and lower one or both sides of the bed for optimum comfort. Adjustable frames raise your head and/or your feet to provide the perfect position for reading, watching movies, and more. iSense offers two adjustable bases: the Elite Adjustable Base and the Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base. 

The Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base provides endless head and foot positions including zero gravity sleep position, as well as silent drive motors, USB ports, remote flashlights, and more. You can raise or lower your head or feet at the touch of a button. This base raises and lowers the head and feet on both sides simultaneously, unless you choose the Elite FlexHead King or Elite Split King and matching mattresses, which would enable you to raise head and/or feet separately. 

The Elite Adjustable base includes the most features. Some of the most-loved include Partner Snore™ Technology which will raise and lower your partner’s head to allow for better airflow during the night. You can also experience a built-in sonic massage, which offers 10-, 20-, or 30-minute sessions. Endless head and foot positions create the feeling of zero gravity. And practical features such as built-in USB ports and under-bed lighting to dimly light your way at night. This base also raises and lowers the head and feet on both sides simultaneously, unless you choose the Elite FlexHead King or Elite Split King. 

Pairing an adjustable base with an adjustable mattress creates more opportunities for you to get rest in the ways that feel the most comfortable to you day by day. 

Is an adjustable bed worth it? 

When comparing these features to a regular mattress, it is easy to see the difference in quality and benefits of an adjustable bed. It offers an improvement in your sleep quality and health. So to answer the question "are adjustable beds worth the cost," the answer is definitely yes.

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