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What is the Zero Gravity Setting on an Adjustable Bed?

What is the zero gravity setting on an adjustable bed? 

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What is Zero gravity and why does it matter? 

Zero gravity, also called neutral body position (NBP), was recommended initially by NASA for astronauts launching into space. However, even if you are not an astronaut, experts recommend sleeping in a zero gravity position for its numerous health benefits. 

The zero gravity setting doesn’t exactly mean you will truly become weightless. However, at the right angle, your body will be at a neutral position, which can provide you with a seemingly weightless feeling. One’s spine is naturally shaped in an “s” curve, and lying flat can add undue pressure to the spine. However, with zero gravity position, it maintains more of your natural curvature, reducing the amount of spinal pressure. When done correctly, both your head/torso and knees will be slightly elevated. 

When you achieve the proper angles on the mattress, start by lying down on your back in the middle of the mattress and scooting up or down so that the bottom portion of the mattress is in the middle of your knees and the top section elevates your head above your heart. 

How does zero gravity affect your body? 

Experts say this is the most relaxed position for your nervous system, as the zero gravity position reduces pressure on your spine and allows blood and air to circulate freely. 

NASA initially recommended this posture to astronauts who would recline in this position to reduce stress and help to equalize their body weight. Eventually, mattress makers caught on and have developed mattresses and bed frames to help incorporate this position into customers' sleep routines. 

Sleeping in zero gravity position improves airflow and blood circulation, reduces swelling and pressure, and can even prevent acid reflux. Elevating one's head, upper body, and feet is the optimal position for your body to undergo its normal systems with as much ease as possible. And some might think that it is uncomfortable, but when done correctly, these factors make it an extremely comfortable sleeping position every night.

How do you achieve a zero gravity position with your mattress?

Achieving zero gravity bed position is extremely simple when you have a zero gravity bed or an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frames allow you to elevate the head and feet of your mattress. If you have a split king, you can do this for each side of the mattress independently; but for most adjustable beds, it will raise and lower the head and/or feet of the entire mattress. 

Many adjustable bed frames, such as the iSense Elite Adjustable Base and the Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base, contain a zero gravity preset, so you can easily set your adjustable bed to zero gravity and move into the proper posture with the tap of a button. This preset makes it easy to have a restful sleep or enjoy a movie, book or breakfast in bed. 

It is important to note that adjustable bed frames work best with adjustable mattresses. Not all mattresses are designed to accommodate the extra bending or pressure of an adjustable bed frame. Starting with both an adjustable mattress and an adjustable bed frame can help to ensure that both last for a long time. 

How often can you sleep in the zero gravity position? 

There are many health benefits of sleeping in this posture. Because it reduces spinal pressure and increases air and blood flow, it can reduce some sleep issues such as neck and back pain, sleep apnea, and other conditions. You can learn more about the health benefits of zero gravity sleep position in this iSense article

With this in mind, you can sleep in the zero gravity position as often as is comfortable for you. The best sleeping positions are those which keep your spine in a neutral alignment. Zero gravity sleeping position can achieve this neutral body posture effectively. It's always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider about the best sleep position for your unique health factors. 


If you're on the fence about whether an adjustable bed frame with zero gravity capabilities is worth it, now you know: It most certainly is! Unlike a regular base and mattress, you always retain the option to sleep in a flat position, in zero gravity, or in any other position that feels comfortable for you to fall asleep faster. As you and your sleep need to change, so will your mattress! 

Adjustable bed frames make it simple to experience the benefits of zero-gravity sleeping—especially those with programmable presets. iSense offers a few different bed base options, including two adjustable frames with different features, as well as a platform bed base option. Check them out and start your new sleep journey here!

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