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Picking the Best Bed for You and Your Furbabies

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You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping, and so you must put in some time and effort in picking the right bed. If you have a furbaby who would accompany you to bed, it is all the more important to select the best bed. Choosing the wrong bed has a lot of negative effects on your overall health.

If you have not selected the right bed, you can face a lot of health issues such as a bad backache, lack of sleep, and sore muscles. And if you are sleeping with your pets in the same bed, then things can get worse. On the contrary, if you have selected the right bed, you can get the benefits of everything starting from a good night's sleep to relaxed and rejuvenated muscles. And your pets would love such a nice and comfortable bed as well.

Picking the best bed is not rocket science. However, if you are aware of what it does involve, it can save you from confusion. In this piece, we will walk you through the various steps involved in selecting the right bed for yourself and your furbabies and what you need to consider while doing so.

Know your bedroom size

Before you look out for the options, the first thing to do is to know the size of the bedroom. Based on the size of the bedroom, you can then decide on the size of the bed that you would need. The bed that you choose should complement the size of your room. It should have ample space for you, your partner, and your pet if you plan to sleep together. Also, in addition to the bed, there should be space for some other bedroom décor and don't forget the comfortable pillow.

If your room is too big, a small bed won't look good, and vice versa. So, make sure you get a bed that perfectly fits the size of your room.

Consider the theme of your bedroom

You may have a beautifully designed bedroom, but the focal point of your bedroom is always going to be your bed. You would want your bed to complement your bedroom theme. A bed that is a total contrast to the look and feel of the room looks like a complete mismatch and may not be too pleasant to the eyes. So while choosing the bed, make sure you look at these small details as well. You can check with the store for various color options to match your bedroom style.

Check if you need to cater to functional or aesthetic needs

Decide whether you need a functional bed or something aesthetically beautiful, or even a blend of both. For instance, you may need a bed with some additional storage or a premium bed that adds to the beauty of your room.

Select the Best Mattress

This is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire process. Your bed is incomplete without a proper mattress. Make sure you select a mattress that is comfortable, yet is good from a health perspective. Mattresses are made from various types of material ranging from spring mattresses, memory foam, gel, latex, hybrid, waterbeds, pillow top, polyfoam, to airbeds, and organic mattresses. While selecting your mattress, you need to ensure that it is suitable both for you and your pet. We will discuss more how a mattress should be selected based on the pet you have in the next sections.

You will also need to keep in mind that your mattress will have an impact, good or bad on your spine, so ensure you pick one that is best suitable for the health of your spine. You may want to consult a doctor before choosing one; usually, a mattress should aim at keeping your neck and lower back in a neutral position.

The height of your bed

Make sure the height of your bed is optimum for both yourself and your furbabies so that it is easy for your pets to jump in and out of the bed with ease when they are playful. The height of the bed should be such that you can be comfortable while you sit or when you lie down.

Read through customer reviews

If you are trying to order something online, or even before entering the store, make sure you have read the product reviews for the bed that you are planning to buy. Going through reviews and comparisons online will help you understand what to expect and what not to expect from the product. Read all kinds of reviews - positive, negative, or neutral ones so that you are aware of any known issues with the product.

Never compromise on quality

You will get a lot of manufacturers that promise you a lot of features at cheaper prices. But often such products end up being inferior in quality and are not going to last. Your bed should be fit for all-weather rough usage, especially when you know you will be sharing it with your pets. Make sure your bed is of the highest quality and is highly durable,  withstanding all the jumping around and playfulness of both your kids and pets alike.

Visit the store

Merely checking the images of the bed or reading the reviews won't be enough. You must take some time out to visit the store so you'll be able to check out various styles of bed. You can look through the various designs and other options that may be available, and can then accordingly select the bed that best suits your needs, as well as that of your pets.

Now that you have seen the various steps involved in selecting the right mattress, let us look at certain other aspects that you must be aware of while selecting a mattress or sleeping with your pet.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Mattress

When sleeping with pets, you need to consider certain things that are important both for you and your pets. When selecting a bed or mattress, you need to be aware of the following:

  • The bed should offer enough room and space for everyone, that is you and your pets. The size of the bed should be based on the weight and size of your pet as well. A twin or twin XL size won’t suffice for you and your pet. Always go for a full, queen, or king size mattress for sharing with your cat or dog. This provides you with lots of extra space and also allows your pets to spread out.
  • When sleeping with pets you would not want yourself or your pet to be disturbed due to movements on either side of the bed. As such, the mattress that you select should be able to provide better motion isolation. This allows you to move or change positions without disturbing your pet and vice versa.
  • The mattress of the bed that you have selected should be temperature neutral, which means it should not be too warm. Some beds trap the temperature of their sleepers, thereby making them warmer. Cats and dogs are said to have a higher core body temperature so having beds that feel cool when slept on is a bonus if you are sleeping with your pets.
  • Cats and dogs have different body systems; however, one thing both would love is the softness of the bed. Ensure that you get a mattress that is not too soft or not too firm. The mattress should be comfortable enough to sleep on and as mentioned earlier, should align your spine as well.
  • One thing to take care of while choosing a mattress for yourself and your furbaby is mattress protection. Ensure that you get a mattress protector along with the mattress so that your mattress is protected from hair, dust, and dirt, as well as pet urine and feces.


To summarize, finding the right kind of bed is extremely essential both for your overall wellbeing and spine health. Hopefully, the information in this article can help you to select the right bed that is best for yourself, your kids, and your furbabies. Getting the right bed and mattress combination is extremely important, so make sure you get the combination that works best for you.

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