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What's in a Name?

At its heart, isense is a company harnessing technology to solve problems for today’s consumer. How could it be anything else with Paul Longman, an industry veteran known for his problem solving nature, at its helm?

Born of a Need for Change

While CEO of the Australian mattress giant A.H. Beard, Paul grew tired of listening to call center conversations that left both parties frustrated because the customer service representative didn't have the power to help the customer with the comfort of their mattress. So he decided to create a solution.

He unveiled that solution in January of 2018, launching iSense Sleep and its line of Comfort Control™ Mattresses at the Las Vegas Winter Market and creating a stir in an industry ready for change. What followed was a whirlwind year for the young company, one of growth and learning.

In that time, it became clear to Paul that the world was eager to embrace the technology he’d brought to market, but he still had a few problems left to solve. The beds and brand were good—a breath of fresh air in the industry—but they could be better. When you’re a problem solver, you never settle for good enough. You push on, seeking perfection.

And so, iSense Sleep took the feedback from their customers and retailers and kept pushing for something even better.

A New Day

From that, isense was unveiled at the 2019 Las Vegas Winter Market.

The name was shortened to reflect that isense is about the entire sleep experience and catering to all of the senses. Fabrics inspired by the fashion industry were chosen for their elegant lines and pleasing touch. The material in the bed was handpicked by a team of experts to ensure that each mattress within the line offers a different feel while the Comfort Control™ Technology works with the bed’s support core so that whatever your comfort preferences, your bed will be tailored to your unique needs.

Our colors were refined to better capture the nature of isense—technology and elegance, woven together to a sleep experience like none other.

The logo, a cheerful tip of the hat to the bright splash of color we brought to the industry in 2018, reminds us that at the center of everything we do is “i,” the individual needs and preferences of every single customer we serve. Truly, the only person who can define comfort is you, and isense places the ability to control it at your fingertips.

Our website, now myisense.com, has been streamlined to better showcase the groundbreaking technology at the heart of isense.

Some Things Will Never Change

isense embraces the fact that people are different and people change—and firmly believes your mattress should be able to change for and with you. That said, some things don’t change, like the fact that isense has always believed in building a business that takes care of the customer after the sale, so we will continue to offer unparalleled customer service and our 120-Night Comfort Promise to ensure the bed you buy is the bed you need.


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So far I'm waking up without back pain! Love it

Ashley J.

What a great bed now I can a Adjust for my comfort which is soft so my hips and shoulders don’t hurt because I’m a side sleeper love it

Robin S.

I love the bed it supports my back and I can adjust it. I recommend this bed.

Angel C.

iSense Hybrid Premier - isense
iSense Hybrid Premier
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Elite Adjustable Base
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the best mattress for back pain relief
84% of iSense CustomersReport Back Pain Relief*


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