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Your Renewed Love Affair with a Spring, Foam, or Air Mattress

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Can you explain why you want what you want, or even more complicated, why you love what you love? It just is what it is; our preferences are our own to understand and fulfill. So, what if we told you that you could fall deeper in love with your foam, spring or air mattress? To any doubters, we suggest reading on; this is all about you, having control of your sleep preferences. 

Let’s start with you foam lovers: We get it. You love that hugging feeling; it really is all about the hug. Who doesn’t love one? Your checklist for a lovely night’s sleep may also include even weight distribution, no pressure points, and the fact that one person's movement, or even your fur babies, doesn't impact the other person is likely a selling point. But, what if you could fall deeper in love with your foam mattress? Intrigued? What if you could sleep on an amazingly comfortable premium foam mattress, maybe the one you’ve always dreamed of or the one you currently have at home, but it offered control? You could come home after a long day, sore back or just plain worn out, lay down on that bed you can’t wait to get into, open the app on your mobile phone and BAM! The comfort level of your luxurious foam bed changes at your fingertips, reducing the density of the foam, creating a much more plush sleep experience in seconds.

Yes, it is possible, not just a dream. Someone has finally created the advanced technology necessary to give control to the consumer.

Now let’s get to you spring lovers. If you love the bounce of a spring surface and the variety of options between ultra plush to ultra firm, you may believe that the saying, “spring is here and love is in the air,” is about your mattress. Spring mattresses clearly have appeal as they make up the largest group of sleeping surfaces purchased by consumers. But, what if your spring mattress could change after the first day you brought it home? Well, any mattress woes you have are over as you can fall back in love with your spring mattress, which now has the technology to change its comfort level from ultra plush to ultra firm at the touch of a button.

The smallest of the group of mattress surface lovers, air adjustable sleep surface sleepers, are the most well-known. Small but mighty, you make up only five percent of the mattress buying public by comparison, but hey, you started all this adjustable sleep discussion. Besides adjustable air chambers, you deserve a premium quality mattress, too. Combining the two aspects means you are no longer alone in the Comfort Control™ department as foam and spring join you. That certainly changes everything in the mattress world.

The solution is here. A love you’ve been waiting for your entire life, one that is committed to being there for you night after night, mid-day breaks, and lazy mornings. This renewed love will change how everyone buys mattresses, and the world will sleep better. All of this is possible due to the world’s first fully comfort-controlled premium mattress line, iSense Sleep. With just three mattresses, iSense Sleep Spring, iSense Sleep Foam, and iSense Sleep Air, you can have the surface of your choice and the ability of Comfort Control™ technology to adjust the mattress from ultra plush to ultra firm with the touch of a mobile app.

If you want to wake up with a twinkle in your eye, a pounding heart full to the brim with love, join the iSense Sleepers™ across America who have already experienced their cup runneth over with a renewed love for sleep.

If you thought you loved spring, foam, or air surface mattresses before, look out. You’re about to fall in love with iSense Sleep due to its mattresses’ never-ending ability to change to meet your comfort needs.

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What a great bed now I can a Adjust for my comfort which is soft so my hips and shoulders don’t hurt because I’m a side sleeper love it

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I love the bed it supports my back and I can adjust it. I recommend this bed.

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