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The Story Behind The World’s First Mattress Designed for Couples™

Calling isense The World’s First Mattress Designed for Couples™ sure has raised a number of spirited concerns. Mostly, we have been called out for not being the first mattress maker to offer a bed with adjustable firmness technology. In a world where we don’t know what to believe, I fully appreciate the desire for people to challenge the claims brands make—especially statements as bold as the first or best mattress for couples.

We may not be the first brand to harness adjustable sleep technology, but as you read our story, you’ll see our approach to designing the best bed for couples does not take the well-beaten path. I am so passionate about the product we have built and the solution it provides couples seeking a great nights’ sleep, that I want to share with you some of the reasons why I believe isense can make such a bold claim.

The Compromise Too Many Couples Make

The movie “Flash of Genius” is based on a true story about an inventor’s journey. In an outstanding courtroom scene, Robert Kearns, played by Greg Kinnear, is forced to defend his claim against Ford Motor Company for the design of the intermittent windshield wiper. Kearns states that in every inventor’s journey, there is a moment—or a “flash of genius”—that drives the creation of a specific product. My moment came not once but several times over a 30-year career working with some of the best known mattress brands across Australia and New Zealand (that’s right, I’m an Aussie!)

I am very proud of the more than 7 million mattresses that were made under my supervision throughout my 30-year career, but one common problem continued to plague me. Our customer service teams would field calls from people who had purchased one of our mattresses, stating either they loved their new mattress but their partner didn’t or vice versa. Each couple had to reach a compromise, and each partner sacrificed at least some level of comfort or sleep quality.

In a way, the process for designing one bed that a couple must share for the next 7-10 years, is by definition a compromise. Two people with different needs spend a third of their lives in bed. One conventional mattress won’t work for each couple now or as their lives change. So, engineering an adjustable bed that both partners want to share is the best and only compromise that will help couples sleep better and live better, together.

Our “Flash of Genius” Inspired by Real Couples

So how does this relate to our claim about being the “World’s First Mattress Designed for Couples?” It all comes together. With my experience as a former CEO of A.H. Beard, a great Australian family company, we went looking for a solution to the challenge that most couples face. At A.H. Beard, we were fortunate to secure a license to sell Sleep Number mattresses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Sleep Number provided the ability to adjust the firmness on either side of the mattress, but there was still something missing. While consumers could experience individualized support, the bed itself was not as comfortable as other beds we made using foams, spring latex and other mainstream mattress materials. At the end of the day, sleeping on an air bag simply wasn’t as comfortable as sleeping on other high-quality materials.

This is the moment when our “flash of genius” inspired a new chapter in the isense story. I moved to America with my beautiful American wife to start a company with one purpose: designing a mattress with all the benefits and comfort of traditional high-quality mattresses and the added benefit of adjustability, so couples could enjoy living as couples while sleeping as individuals.

Unlike a Sleep Number mattress that uses large air bags as the support system, isense is designed using patented Comfort Control™ technology that adjusts the firmness of the foam to change the desired level of support and comfort. You get all the benefits as a couple without a nasty ridge in the middle where the air compartments meet. After all, no one wants a ridge on their mattress, especially not in the “cuddle zone.”

We saw this an opportunity to help couples enjoy greater intimacy while improving their health through restful sleep. Instead of one large air bag on each side of the bed, isense mattresses feature several small adjustment compartments throughout a rich foam core. No ridge and no air bag feel. When it’s time to sleep, your bed is set to your personal needs so you can get all the benefits of individualized comfort—and so does your partner.

Your Best Night’s Sleep Starts with isense

I wish I could say I finished up university, had a great idea about disrupting the mattress industry, and got a bunch of funding to start an online mattress business that sells one bed that fits EVERY BODY. But that’s not my story, and that’s not what’s best for real-life couples. Three decades in the industry has taught us that every couple has different sleep needs just like every individual has different sleep needs, and those needs change with time. What isense has created comes from a deep place—a long history designing and building great products, as well as my personal commitment to solve a real problem many couples have faced when shopping for a mattress. Our unique solution is engineered especially for couples down to the finest details that other mattress makers miss. This allows us to make the claim “World’s First Mattress Designed for Couples” with confidence.

I hope you will take a chance and experience isense mattress for yourself, with 180-day, zero-hassle and money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose and a great night’s sleep with your partner to gain. Make health and happiness part of the next chapter in your story with the best mattress for couples from isense.

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