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5 Questions to Ask When Mattress Shopping

Some cultures have rites of passage to mark the transition to adulthood, like going on walkabout or a trial by fire. And then some cultures have rites of passage that are much more daunting, like shopping for your first mattress.

Even when you’re an experienced mattress shopper, it’s a process that can be confusing because there seem to be so many mattress types and technologies. Cross-shopping is difficult at best. And how are you supposed to lie on a bed awkwardly for ten minutes in a store and decide if it’ll be comfortable at home, when you go to sleep, your muscles relax, and your body becomes—essentially—dead weight?

It’s understandable why so many dread the process. Still, with Memorial Day approaching, odds are pretty good that many of you will be visiting mattress stores this weekend. There, a sales associate will help narrow the myriad of choices down to a handful of options and help you pick the ONE that suits you and possibly your partner’s needs.

The team at isense have pulled together some questions to ask before you take that new bed home, so you can rest assured it’s the right one for you. 

What kind of after-sale support do you have? If you have a question or concern after your new mattress arrives, is there someone who can help you? Who do you call—the retailer or the manufacturer? What kind of help can they give?

What happens if I decide the mattress isn’t right for me after I sleep on it? Be sure you know what the store’s refund policy is—including who’s responsible for transporting the mattress for repairs or returns. Do you pay and arrange for shipping or do they? A friend recently told me a story about trying to have a warrantied mattress repaired. The company said “Sure, no problem. Just bring it on in to the factory and we’ll take care of that for you.” Since he works full time and didn’t have the time or means to bring the mattress in during regular working hours, he never did get the problem fixed.

What are the terms of the warranty? The legalese in many warranties can be confusing, so don’t be shy about asking questions about the exact terms. Warrantees can often be voided if you don’t properly care for the mattress or place it on the correct base, so understand what you need to do to ensure you’re protected.


How do I take care of the mattress? Some mattresses have pretty specific care instructions. Ask questions about the kind of support the bed needs. Will you need a mattress protector? Is there a best way to clean your new mattress? Are there specific instructions for moving mattresses? The decorative handles on many mattresses are actually adjustment handles and aren’t meant for bearing the full weight of the mattress. Be careful of using them to carry the mattress or you could wind up with a hole in your new investment!

What adjustments can be made to the bed if it doesn’t offer the right amount of support? Yeah, we know. This was a sneaky question to include because for most mattresses, the answer is “none.” We truly believe that for you to have assurance the mattress you purchase is the right mattress, you have to be able to adjust it after you get home, easily, any time you want.

Of course, we’re confident that if you go into an iSense Sleep retailer and ask these questions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the responses. But wherever you do your mattress shopping, we think knowing these answers will help you feel more confident in the investment you’ve made.

Happy shopping!

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