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Why You Should Never Skimp on Purchasing Pillows

Generally, getting enough quality sleep is an essential factor for living a healthy life. Getting adequate sleep will need you to have the right sleeping conditions. One of the main factors towards enjoying the full benefits of your time in bed is having a mattress and pillow that satisfies your needs. Once you've made and purchased your choice from a range of mattresses like Sleep Number, and you will wake up relaxed and feeling good each morning.

Like your mattress, your pillow plays a crucial part during sleep and significantly affects the value of your rest and general health. Many people do not realize it, but pillows have a significant impact on your quality of rest, sleep, and overall well-being. Here is an exclusive look at why you should never skimp on purchasing good pillows for your bed.

Pillow support is essential for spine issues

Did you know that your head weighs between 4.5 to 5.5 kilograms? And that your neck consists of seven of the 33 vertebrae of the spine? Did you also know that persistent headaches, back pain, and neck pain could be caused by poor pillow support when sleeping? Suppose your shoulders and neck lack sufficient support or are placed at an angle that causes craning, twisting, or crunching, it puts your body and spine out of the natural alignment causing discomfort and strain in your neck and back. It could also cause sleeplessness.

Offering support for your upper back and neck is a significant aspect that the pillow plays when sleeping. Getting neck and head support aids in maintaining the appropriate position of the vertebrae. Sleeping with no pillow can result in rigidity in your back and neck. When you go out to purchase a pillow, you should make support the main deciding factor and get one that offers the most benefits. The perfect pillow for you is comfortable to rest your head on, supports your neck, shoulders, and head, and matches your mattress. The right pillow will enhance your overall sleep quality and help avoid back and neck problems.

Pillows provide better comfort

One fact about pillows is that they offer you more comfort when sleeping than it is without one. Nevertheless, the pillow comfort factor maybe a little more subjective. The pillow that is comfortable for one sleeper may not be comfortable for another individual. Some of the crucial factors in determining the type of pillow most comfortable for you include body size, particular health conditions, and sleeping positions.

Support also plays a significant factor in how comfortable the pillow is in that when you do not have good support, you will most likely not be comfortable. More so, the pillow cushioning absorbs all the movements you or your partner make during sleeping, ensuring you get an undisturbed sleep.

Pillows are available in different styles to fit your personal preference

Pillows are available in different styles and dimensions to ensure you get the one that is most comfortable for your body. The standard size is between 70-74cm by 45-48cm, but you might also prefer the 26 inches square continental style pillow. Also, pillows are filled with foams or down, synthetic, and feathers. The most common are the polyester-filled pillow, available in various feels, from firm to incredibly soft. High-quality polyester pillows might be machine washable.

Feather or down pillows provide great comfort and luxurious quality. Most of them are well washable, and the cost and softness will be higher in proportion to the feather percentage it contains. Be sure to identify the type of feathers it contains. Goose feathers are of the highest quality, followed by duck feathers. Although chicken feathers are also good, they need to be curled artificially, a procedure that wears off with time.

The pillow casing should be exceptionally fine to prevent the feathers from getting out. You should also keep in mind that some people are allergic to feathers or down. On the other hand, wool pillows are hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites and mounds. These pillows effectively regulate your temperature at night, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

The different kinds of filling in a pillow provide different levels of support. Latex foam pillows are steadier than polyester or feathers with a more certain spring to them. These are enduring and maintain their contour very well. On the other side, memory foam pillows are on the steady side and provide excellent pressure relief but have less spring than latex. You can also find specially molded neck care bed pillows usually made from latex or memory foam for use with another thinner pillow.

Aligning pillow height with sleep position

Choosing the correct pillow for you will depend on the position you sleep in most times. For those who sleep on your side, you will want to get a pillow that maintains your neck flat. For individuals who sleep on their back, the best pillow supports the natural curve of the neck. Those who sleep on their stomach are best served by a thin pillow or even with no pillow at all. When possible, you should avoid sleeping on your tummy because it exerts a lot of strain on your neck by keeping it permanently twisted all night through.

A pillow should conform to your shape and decrease any pressure points. You should consider trying out different kinds of pillows before settling for your ultimate choice. Even better, you should try out the pillows on a bed with a similar feel to yours, where you can lie down with the pillow. Check out if your upper back and neck are in a straight line. The pillow should also be perfectly tucked into your shoulder and neck to support the head entirely. Whether you prefer to attain the proper head and neck support with one or more pillows, it is an individual choice. However, the pillows should have the ability to retain their outline and offer you constant support throughout the night.


Pillows play a significant role in giving you a healthy and comfortable sleep. You cannot, therefore, afford to skimp on purchasing them. Because pillows influence your sleeping posture as well as being in close contact with your face and skin, it is best to invest in quality cushions and replace them after every two or three years for a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment. When the pillow loses its height or loft and becomes discolored or lumpy, it needs to be replaced.

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