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How to Clean Your Room Properly For The Best Quality Rest

If you often find yourself feeling tired and stressed, it may be time to clean up your bedroom. Cleaning your bedroom can help promote better sleep by removing clutter from the room, allowing windows and doors to be opened for fresher air, cleaning top to bottom so that dust doesn't settle again quickly, remembering to clean "forgotten spots" such as under your bed and in corners which will make a difference over time. Cleaning your mattress, such as the Refresh Energex, regularly is also important because bacteria can build up there if it isn't cleaned every few months or so. Cleaning pillows weekly will remove dirt and other substances like sweat. Clean sheets weekly - this will remove oils from our skin that have built up throughout the week without us even realizing it. Let's take a look at what a clean room can do for your own sleep habits and sleep routines.

Removing Clutter:

Removing clutter from your bedroom can help reduce stress and anxiety. Reducing stress and anxiety can have a dramatic effect on your quality of sleep. When we are overly stressed or anxious we can end up with insomnia behaviors including struggling to fall asleep, struggling to stay asleep, or waking up way too early before it's time to rise.

Fresh Air:

Air can become stagnant and dirty due to factors like dust, skin oils, and food. It has been determined that fresh clean air can provide for a better night's sleep. This is usually due to the fact that when we have fresh air to breathe we don't run into as many issues with allergies and sickness. Allergies can really cause an issue for sleeping at night. People who have severe allergies have a hard time breathing well, and when this takes place it limits the ability to get the best rest possible during your nights sleep. Cleaning your bedroom on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of developing allergies. Cleaner air will also promote better sleep by allowing you to breathe easier at night, and not having as many allergy symptoms during the day's time.

Clean Windows:

It is important for windows in bedrooms to be cleaned well with fresh water from time to time. Removing all of the dust particles in a room can provide for better quality air and surroundings that will allow for better sleep during the nighttime.  Clean windows will also provide for better visibility of the outside world and can make it easier to see what might be happening in your neighborhood.

Clean Under Your Bed:

Your bed is a location where dust particles, hair or other debris may collect over time which could promote an increase in allergies during the day-time hours. Cleaning these areas on a frequent basis will allow for a cleaner sleep environment with less chance of waking up during the night from allergies. Cleaning under your bed can also provide for better visibility to see if any hidden objects have been left there over time such as a forgotten shoe or jacket which may be tripping hazards in the morning when walking around the room.

Clean Baseboards:

Baseboards are a great area for dust to collect. When this happens, it can be difficult to vacuum them out and also clean around the baseboards. Cleaning these spaces on a regular basis will help reduce dust from building up in the corners of your bedroom which can cause allergies.

Clean Corners:

Corners are extremely important when cleaning because they are often forgotten spots that have not been cleaned for months at a time. This can allow for many things to build up including dust, bacteria, mold, and other things that can cause harm to the body if not cleaned up accordingly. If you notice mold be sure to use a cleaner that is capable of killing it. Also if mold is found be sure to check for any water leakage that may have caused the mold to form in the first place.

Clean your mattress:

Cleaning your mattress is important if you want to promote better sleep. Cleaning the mattress allows for it to have a clean surface, which will make sure that everything on it stays in place and does not spread out onto any other surfaces of the bedroom. Cleaning also promotes good air circulation as well so be sure to allow airflow by opening windows or shutters.

How to clean your mattress:

The best way to clean your mattress is to use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool attachment. Clean the surface of your mattress and then take out the vacuuming head and attach it to the suction hose. This will allow you to remove any particles that may have settled in between all those little crevices.

Wash your pillows:

The best way to promote a good clean sleeping environment is being able to clean and make use of clean pillows. You should wash your pillowcases with warm water and detergent at least once a week for optimal health and cleanliness.

How to clean pillows?

Take out your pillows from the pillow case and place them on a flat surface. Clean any debris or stains with warm water to prevent body oils from bleeding into the fabric of the fabric.

Put one cup of detergent in a bucket full of hot water and wash each pillow, squeeze it well then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Let air dry

Wash your sheets:

It is recommended to wash your sheets weekly. This will allow for a clean bed to sleep in. A clean sleeping environment can allow for the best rest possible throughout the night.

Clean comforters:

You should aim to wash your comforter at least once a month. This is generally how often most people will want to wash their comforter. If your comforter is very large you may have to take it to a laundromat that has a large wash machine. Keep it clean!

Lastly, you should aim to set up a regular cleaning routine to make all of this easier. The more often you clean your room the easier it will be to complete this task when needed to be done. Keeping a clean sleeping area is extremely important if you're looking to get the best quality of sleep possible! Happy cleaning!

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