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The Downsides of Split Queen Mattresses: Why They’re Not Ideal for Quality Sleep

If you’ve been looking for a new bed in the last few years, you know there are lots of options available in the market today. When it comes to choosing the right mattress, there are numerous factors to consider for a good night’s sleep. You may have come across the split queen mattress, which can cater to couples with different sleep preferences. Despite its versatility and convenience, especially for couples, there are several drawbacks of a split queen mattress that may affect sleep quality.

What is a Split Mattress?

A split mattress is designed to accommodate couples with different sleep preferences. Unlike traditional mattresses, which are a single unit, a split mattress is divided into two separate sections. This division allows each individual to customize their side of the bed, including firmness level or adjustable features. A split mattress can be innerspring, hybrid, foam, and/or latex. Split mattresses are most commonly available as a Split King, traditionally made using two Twin XL mattresses. Split Queen mattresses are not as common, and we will explain why below.

Smaller Sleep Surface

One of the primary concerns with split queen mattresses is the smaller sleep surface they offer compared to traditional queen-size mattresses or split king mattresses. A standard queen mattress provides the necessary space for two individuals to sleep comfortably. However, a split queen divides this space into two separate sections, which results in a narrower sleep space for each person. This smaller sleep surface can lead to feelings of confinement and may limit movement during sleep. This can be particularly disruptive for individuals who tend to toss and turn throughout the night.

Reduced Width Compared to a Twin

Another factor to consider when deciding if a split queen mattress is right for you is its width relative to other mattress sizes. Surprisingly, a split queen mattress is narrower than a standard twin mattress, which typically measures 38 inches wide. Each half of a split queen mattress, however, is typically around 30 inches wide. This narrower width often does not provide enough space for individuals to spread out comfortably while sleeping. This can lead to sleep disruption and waking up stiff or sore. It’s hard to imagine sleeping on a bed smaller than a twin, but that’s what sleeping on a split queen mattress is like.

Limited Edge Support

In addition to a smaller sleep surface for each individual, a split queen mattress also  has edge support along the center seam where the two halves of the mattress meet. Traditional queen mattresses have uninterrupted edge support around the exterior of the mattress, while split queen mattresses have a noticeable gap or indentation in the middle. With the exclusive edge support technology that comes with an iSense mattress, your adjustable space would be very narrow to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Fitting a Split Queen Mattress in Your Bed Frame

Another consideration when choosing a split queen mattress is that it might not fit your regular bed frame. That's because split queen mattresses are divided into two parts, which can cause some issues with traditional frames.

Each part of the split queen mattress needs its own support, unlike a single queen mattress. This can lead to an uneven fit, making the bed wobbly and possibly damaging both the mattress and the frame. Also, each section of a split queen mattress is usually narrower than a regular twin mattress, which can create gaps between the mattress and the frame.

To solve these problems, you might need to modify your bed frame or get one specifically made for split queen mattresses. It may be hard to find a bed frame that appropriately fits the split queen mattress. This can be an unexpected and expensive modification.

Making the Right Choice

While split queen mattresses do offer benefits, like customization options for couples with differing sleep preferences, they may not be the best choice for achieving quality sleep. The smaller sleep surface, limited edge support, and reduced width compared to other mattress sizes can contribute to disrupted and uncomfortable sleep, which will ultimately affect overall sleep quality. That’s why iSense chooses to offer a Split King and King Flexhead mattress. You’ll get the customization you need, without sacrificing your sleeping space. We want you to get the comfort, support and pressure relief for your best sleep, and a split queen does not hit the mark. At iSense, we help you carefully consider your specific sleep needs and preferences so you can choose the right mattress for you. Find the bed that will bring you the comfort and support you need for a truly restful night's sleep.

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