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Napping for New Parents - Catching Up on Your Sleep

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It is past midnight, and your newborn is seriously crying. Will you ever get enough sleep?

From diaper changes and frequent feeding to walking around with a finicky baby, getting sound sleep at night is nearly impossible for most new parents. All the same, you need to find how you can get enough sleep. Thankfully, with the right mattress such as the number bed alternative and a little creativity, you can get as much shuteye as your body needs.

Catnapping is one of the surest ways to satisfy your sleep needs while struggling with the almost round-the-clock adventure with a newborn. Nothing could be further from the truth. Getting enough sleep will even enhance how you fulfill the responsibilities of caring for the new family member.

Experts recommend that catnapping for 20 minutes can help you sneak as much sleep as possible. In this article, you will find tips on how new parents can survive the newborn days.

Tips for quality rest with a newborn

The first months of parenting can be challenging in so many ways. It is a whole lot of new responsibilities that you just can’t imagine until you experience them.

As new parents, you may feel compelled to dedicate all your available time to the needs of your newborn. But you should also remember you have needs, including your health and wellness, which must be well taken care of.

Here are tips to help you reach your sleep quota.

Catch a nap

Certainly, a cat nap won't replace your full lost sleep. All the same, you should not disregard the power of short daytime rest. New parents, especially moms, can benefit from catnapping. Experts say that a 20 to 30-minute catnap will refresh you without necessarily causing a groggy, out-of-it feeling after you wake up - you will wake up with a better mood and improved alertness. Even if it means catnapping while a friend or relative entertains your baby, you will experience the benefits.

Sleep when your baby sleeps

Although they seem to wake up too often in the nights, newborns usually cram about 2 to 4 hours of sleep during the day - so fall asleep together. I know it will be a challenge due to internal body clocks, but try to get some rest.

Skip or postpone house chores

House chores can wait. If you’re a new mom, don’t worry about it - friends will understand why your house is a mess. And if they are great friends, they will, of course, help you with those skipped chores. Just ignore the dishes and laundry basket, then silence your phone and sleep. No matter how short it is, it can help.

Let the crib sit next to your bed

Although you may be tempted to ‘bed share’ with the little one so that you efficiently attend to their needs, you risk suffocating him/her. The ultimate solution for this is placing the crib or bassinet as close as possible to your bed. That way, you will be able to tend to the newborn and quickly go back to sleep.

Share ‘baby duties’ with your partner

Getting quality sleep can be more difficult for moms because breastfeeding is a role their partners can’t share. All the same, you can share other duties like diaper changes and other responsibilities, even if it’s your partner bringing the baby to you. You can also introduce a bottle and pump breast milk so your spouse feeds the baby; therefore, allowing you to get extra sleep. As a mom, avoid unrealistic expectations of motherhood. After all, there is no prize for whoever gets up the most on newborn nights.

Learn to accept help and even ask for it

New parents are at times tempted to prove that they can manage it all. When friends visit and offer help, take it! Don't be shy asking your friends to help you with some house chores so that you create extra time to rest. Additionally, you can let them hold and entertain the baby as you take a nap.

Treat yourself to a new mattress

With sleep deprivation, it is more crucial than ever to ensure your bed is comfortable enough for a restful sleep if that is possible for new parents. If your bed is old and the mattress is grotty, there are many mattresses designed to help new parents have a better sleep whenever they manage to take it.

Catnapping on a comfortable and supportive mattress is an excellent way for new parents to reduce sleep deprivation. Even so, new parents, especially breastfeeding moms, should practice good sleep hygiene. New parents should, at all costs, avoid stimulants like caffeine, electronics before bed, and any other thing that confuses the body clock. While it might be harder for new parents, it also makes sense to stick to a regular sleep schedule.

How long should you nap?

Experts say that 20 minutes are enough for the body to recharge and turn the nervous system off. Anything close to or more than 30 minutes is long enough to put you in a deep sleep and cause sleep inertia.

  • Catnaps should take about 20 minutes.
  • You can set the alarm if you doubt your body clock.

Benefits of catnapping for new parents

According to studies, on average, new parents lose about 350 hours of sleep at night over the newborn's first year. Provided it is done correctly, catnapping helps you compensate for the lost sleep hours.

You don’t necessarily need to recover the entire lost sleep period. This is because, after you’ve gone a while without a good night’s sleep, you will fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly; therefore, getting more sleep for a short time.


For new parents, when the baby sleeps, it may mean the time for you to turn off the phone and lie down in a quiet, dark room for a cat nap. Maintaining good sleep practices will help you drift off immediately and have a perfect nap. Even so, it is not advisable to nap for longer periods throughout the day.

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