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Improving your circulation by sleeping on the right mattress that promotes circulation

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After a rough day at work, every individual needs a comfortable resting place to revitalize and renew their strength for the next day. According to biology, a night of good sleep is known to relieve a lot of pressure on the body. Support is one of the important factors that one should consider, but it is also good to note that support is not the same as pressure or firmness. The pressure could effect your circulation because it can block the flow of blood throughout your body.

However, sleeping on the right mattress goes a long way to reduce the pressure on your body at night. Therefore, allowing the uniform flow of blood to your extremities and torso ensuring that poor circulation does not lead to restless night's sleep of turning and tossing, or even numbness and tingling. Hence the article below explains more details regarding the connection between sleeping on the right mattress and bed and improved circulation.

Why do some mattresses lead to poor circulation?

Most people usually believe that a firm mattress is better for them. A mattress is very personal and subjective because every individual has a different taste that works best for them. For instance, for some people, a firm mattress may be the best for them. Still, for others with preexisting circulation issues from diabetes, Raynaud's, or other conditions, a firm mattress can easily affect how their body functions.

Since firm mattresses do not allow your body contours, including the shoulders and hips, to sink, these body parts remain on top of your mattress, pushing down onto a very hard surface, thus causing pressure that restricts blood flow past these areas to the rest of the body. In this case, adjusting the position of your bed could be the right choice.

Mattresses offering good support are always recommended because they help keep your spine aligned in the correct position. The right type of mattress guides your spine into its natural alignment, which is supposed to remain the same even when sleeping. However, sleeping on a bed that does not offer you good support on your spine can also affect your muscles, joints, nerves, bones, and blood flow, hence altering circulation. Therefore, always get a mattress that provides you with the highest level of support.

How can a good mattress help improve your circulation?

A good mattress refers to a mattress that conforms to your natural contours of the body during sleep. It should be supportive enough to ensure your spine is positioned correctly and still be soft enough to your nerves and muscles. Therefore, a good mattress enhances blood circulation, leading to one having an overall better night's sleep, thus improving your cognitive function, lowering blood pressure, enhancing creativity, reducing stress, improving your athletic performance, and boosting your mood.

How to select a mattress that is right for you?

Generally find the right mattress is not all about spending the most money on it or searching out the highest-tech brand. An awfully expensive mattress does not mean it is the best because the high cost could be due to the material used to make the mattress and the marketing that helps it sell. Therefore, instead of focusing on the brand name and price, it is important to think about what you want in a mattress. Selecting a mattress is very personal because some will prefer a firm mattress while others prefer a soft one.

Even though there is no proven evidence to show that one type of mattress helps one sleep better than another, people with underlying medical conditions seem to rest comfortably on certain mattress styles. A person with neck or back pain is encouraged to purchase a mattress that is not too hard nor too soft. It is because when it is too soft, you will start to sink on it, and if it too hard, much pressure will be exerted on your sacrum, back of the head, and shoulders. But for a medium-firm mattress or firm mattress with a soft pillow can give your spine the right balance of cushioning and support.

How can an adjustable bed help you sleep comfortably?

It does not matter what you were doing during the day, be it standing or sitting, because both can cause certain problems on your circulatory system. For instance, working in an office where you spend most of your time sitting on a chair can prevent proper blood flow. Similarly, if you have circulation problems and remain standing for long periods, blood can accumulate in your lower extremities, resulting in swelling and other conditions.

It is crucial to find a natural way to make your blood flow again. One of the commonly used strategies to reduce swelling and stagnating blood is raising or alleviating your legs. It is also a process that reduces undue stress to your heart by helping blood find its way through the body, where it utilizes gravity as a positive force. However, elevating when you are awake can be tiring because you have things to do around your house and some goals that need you are supposed to meet. And because of this problem, adjustable beds are the best because they enable you to elevate your legs as you sleep.

However, you do not have to elevate your legs extremely high because it can cause counter-intuitive and discomfort in the long run. You are thus encouraged to elevate your bed at forty-five degrees or slightly lift your legs a few inches above the heart. Doing so allows blood flow and provides maximum comfort while sleeping.

Other than elevating the legs, an adjustable bed can also be used to raise the head. One may be required to elevate their head, especially if they have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to help them breathe easily. Doctors may also recommend elevating your head to prevent nighttime heartburn. An adjustable bed can also enable you to adjust your hips and knees to a ninety-degree angle, thus reducing pressure on sore joints.

In summary, the article above has provided you with various ways of ensuring you choose the best mattress to promote circulation and the importance of having an adjustable bed. However, if you do not have an adjustable bed, you can also put a pillow under your legs to elevate your legs above your heart. It is also an easy way of ensuring that blood is not pooling on your feet when you are asleep.

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