Decoding the Technology Behind Your Best Night’s Sleep

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When you and your partner sleep on an isense adjustable mattress, the technology speaks for itself. You get more restful, rejuvenating sleep when you’re able to adjust the firmness on each side of your shared mattress without making compromises as a couple. Our Comfort Control™ technology empowers you to relieve aches and pains and support your health through major life changes. But how does that work, and what makes isense the right choice for you?

It’s time to learn how isense gives real people their best night’s sleep. Let’s decode the innovative Comfort Control™ technology and premium materials behind The First Mattress Designed for Couples™.

What Is Comfort Control™ Technology?

Comfort Control™ technology has been developed by isense founder Paul Longman and a team of top engineers to help couples sleep better together—without having to make a compromise for their individual comfort.

Each partner can customize the support on their side of the bed independently. Fine-tune your comfort on your mobile device with a range of 40 settings. The higher the setting you select, the firmer your mattress will feel.

No more lying awake as your partner tosses and turns in discomfort. isense adjustable mattresses will change how you sleep for the better—just like we’re changing the adjustable mattress industry.

What Makes Comfort Control™ Different from Other Adjustable Technology?

Adjustable mattress makers have designed their beds with the same technology for decades. One or two large inflatable air compartments surrounded by foam has been the status quo since the very first adjustable mattress hit the market in 1981. Sloping body impressions and ridges between the air bags have overshadowed the benefits of some of the world’s leading adjustable mattresses. That’s not the case with isense.

Comfort Control™ technology features expandable micro air chambers placed between high-quality proprietary foam to adjust support evenly. Each air chamber expands and gently compresses layers of dense, breathable foam. As a result, you get the perfect mix of precise support and relaxing comfort.

This thoughtful engineering resists mattress sag and never creates a ridge in the middle of your bed. Plus, you can feel Comfort Control™ adjustments instantly, so know when you’ve found the best setting for your needs right away.

What Kinds of Materials Are in My isense Mattress?

At isense, we’re never satisfied with the status quo, so we’ve partnered with the leading foam innovations company to utilize their proprietary Energex foam and an extra strong edge foam to surround each mattress. Every component in your mattress should contribute to your best sleep, and that’s why we’ve also partnered with industry leaders to source the best innerspring coils and adjustable chambers available. Let’s take a closer look at each element.

  •  Energex Foam is our secret weapon for producing luxurious comfort. It is graphite infused for unmatched durability to keep its shape through all of life’s changes. Energex is engineered with an open-cell structure that promotes airflow and balances your body temperature for couples who sleep hot, cold, or just can’t find the ideal temperature for sleep. No more disagreements at the thermostat or uncomfortable night sweats.
  • isense Edge Foam is constructed to provide the structural integrity of your mattress. Many mattress makers surround their mattresses with a layered and laminated version of the same foam they use in the center of their mattresses. That laminate starts to break down, creating uncomfortable dips in the edge of your bed.
  • Internal Mechanisms, including our air chambers, hoses and fittings, are all constructed from medical-grade polyurethane, which is used in healthcare because it’s exceptionally strong and durable. Our engineers construct each adjustable chamber with radio frequency welding to ensure a secure and precise seal.
  • Premium Pocket Coils give our Revive – Hybrid Premier mattress the comfort of a classic innerspring sleep surface. We partner with Leggett & Platt—leaders in furniture innovation since 1883—to give isense sleepers long-lasting support. Conventional mattress coils absorb a lot of stress and start to break down with day-to-day use. In turn, Leggett & Platt employ Swiss engineering to reduce the stress on each coil before placing them into individual pockets. These pockets reduce noise and prolong the life of your mattress.

How Does isense Sleep Tracking Work?

At isense, we believe understanding your own sleep data can help you make more effective adjustments to your sleep settings. Every isense adjustable mattress comes with biometric sensors that capture important information about your health and sleep habits. It’s your option to turn on these sensors or to enjoy a great night’s sleep without this added benefit. 

Our sleep data sensors record your movement, heart rate and breathing patterns and report back to you an overall sleep score. We never share this data with outside parties, and members of the isense team do not monitor your sleep data either. You may consult with one of our Comfort Control™ Specialists and give them access to your sleep data through the app. But in general, this data is just for you.

Use this information to guide your use of our Comfort Control™ technology. As you and your partner get closer to the ideal settings for your needs, you’ll be able to see real results in your sleep data. Keep tuning in to these reports long term to make adjustments through all of life’s changes.

Sleep Technology That Solves Real-Life Problems

Sleep technology is a changing field, and isense is proud to be at the forefront. Our innovations are led by the desire to help real couples solve their sleep problems with research-backed resources and the highest quality engineering. Try Comfort Control™ technology for yourself and experience your best night’s sleep as a couple without compromising individual comfort.

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