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What Causes Mattress Body Impressions and How To Prevent Them

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For many people, choosing a new mattress can be a confusing and challenging, especially if you have no idea about mattresses, brands, and mattress manufacturers. There are so many options, from innerspring mattresses to memory foam mattresses to latex mattresses, that it can get confusing, and you might wonder which one is the best for your body shape and will last.

Buying a conventional mattress feels like you're setting a timer for how long it will last. A brand-new mattress is more likely to acquire those obvious body impressions after a longer period of use, which may compromise the mattress's overall comfort. The longer you and your partner sleep on a new bed, the closer you get to the inevitable body impressions that will break down your mattress.

You’ve felt this first hand: Your sleeping position creates consistent pressure points on the sleep surface of your mattress, and gravity and time do the rest. Over time, the mattress impressions can cause a mattress to sag, which does not support healthy spinal alignment.

Knowing the types of mattresses and the right brand or mattress manufacturer will help you choose the right one for you and your family. Most mattresses are designed to only last 7-10 years. There are some mattress types or brands that sags faster than the others. As time goes on and your mattress ages, you and your partner shouldn't have to lose sleep due to discomfort and restlessness caused by mattress impressions and mattress sag. You deserve a mattress that offers the adjustable support you need on a sleep surface that stands up to gravity, as well as years of wear and tear.

We know body impressions in a new mattress can cause problems for couples like you. Let’s break down what body impressions are and what causes them, and then we’ll take a look at the features you need from the best mattress to resist body impressions.

What Are Mattress Body Impressions?

Body impressions are the small dips that form in the sleep surface of your mattress. When you have subtle body impressions in a new mattress, your bed can better contour to your curves and support spinal alignment.

Body impressions form in your mattress over time and can be beneficial to better sleep — for a while. Once consistent use breaks down the top layer of your mattress, the dense foam or innerspring core that helps align your spine and offer long-term comfort also breaks down.

This is called mattress sag, and it’s very prevalent in conventional mattresses as well as mattresses that rely on
large air compartments to facilitate adjustability.

What's the difference between Mattress sagging vs body impressions? Distinguishing mattress sagging, a general loss of support causing a noticeable dip, and body impression, body indentations formed by consistent pressure, is crucial for understanding the factors that influence a mattress's overall comfort and longevity.

Preventing body impressions and mattress sag is not very easy without the right technology. Typical advice includes rotating your mattress so that you and your partner sleep with your heads where your feet used to be.

Some sources will suggest you to check your bed frame or others may even suggest you to flip your entire mattress regularly, which is a problem if your mattress has a plush layer on only one side. Then, once you’ve run out of sides and rotations, it’s time to get rid of your mattress and start the
mattress shopping experience all over again. Unfortunately, that can be rather expensive.

Fortunately, our innovations in sleep technology will help to keep your mattress sag-free throughout its lifespan.

Why Is iSense the Best Mattress to Resist Body Impressions

Now that you know what body impressions and mattress sag are, it's time to learn which features will resist them. There's no magic mattress topper that prevents sloping and mattress sagging. Instead, every element counts, from the materials used in the construction of your mattress to the way it is engineered.

1. High-Quality Mattress Materials

All mattresses need to be replaced at some point, but using high-quality mattress materials will boost your bed’s longevity and keep uncomfortable dips and sagging at a minimum. Look for carefully developed foam that is both durable and buoyant, like the proprietary, graphite-infused Energex foam that goes into every isense Refresh mattress.

2. Strong Infrastructure

The main reason some adjustable mattresses fold under pressure is that they contain one or two large bags of air surrounded by foam. Without distributing durable materials throughout the adjustable core, these mattress makers are setting up their beds for significant sagging and, therefore, their mattresses fail to provide a good night’s sleep as time goes on.

With this real-life problem in mind, isense adjustable mattresses have been designed to resist deep body impressions on mattress surfaces all the way to their core. The smaller adjustable compartments in our mattresses are surrounded and separated by our rich foam to give you the ease of customization without compromise.

Additionally, the
Revive – Hybrid Premier mattress features an innerspring base for added support.

3. Thick Comfort Layer

The comfort layer on your mattress isn’t just for soothing away your aches and pains. It can actually help your mattress resist deep body impressions by absorbing pressure and protecting the infrastructure we just mentioned. Some of the top-selling mattresses have slim comfort layers as thin as 3 inches.

Check out
how isense stacks up to other brands so you can make an informed, balanced decision. Depending on your body weight and sleep position, you could start to create impressions in the comfort layer the first night you sleep on your new bed.

Sagging mattress impressions don’t have to stop you and your partner from getting your best night’s sleep. With unmatched quality and thoughtful innovation, isense delivers the best mattress to resist body impressions while giving couples all the benefits of our adjustable Comfort Control™ technology to help you sleep better together.

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