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Creating the Ultimate Sleep Experience for Couples

Achieving a great night’s sleep as a couple isn’t as easy as is should be, especially with a traditional mattress. When you bring home a new mattress and sleep on it for a while, it might not feel like it did in the showroom when you tested it for 10 minutes as a sales associate talked at you. Plus, bodies change over time, and you may develop different comfort needs after you purchase your bed. Fortunately, you don’t have to sleep on a bed that doesn’t change with you. We’ve developed a groundbreaking sleep system with Comfort Control for couples. With each isense adjustable mattress, you and your partner are in complete control of a restful sleep experience—even when you have very different preferences. Easily adjust every element of your experience without making compromises. Sounds dreamy, right?


Four Elements to the Ultimate Sleep Experience

At our core, isense believes that couples have to be able to easily adjust their sleep environment whenever needed to get the best possible night’s rest. Having the ultimate control over your sleep experience as individuals means a more peaceful home as a couple because it can alleviate symptoms of insomnia and the unpleasant feeling that one or both of you are compromising your comfort and health. That’s why isense created the ultimate sleep system, consisting of four components: 

  1. Adjustable Mattresses Without Compromise
  2. A Pillow as Innovative as Our Mattresses
  3. An Adjustable Base for Better Ergonomics
  4. Sleep Tracking for Healthy Habits

In this article, you’ll learn more about innovative sleep technology designed specifically for couples in search of a superior sleep experience.


1. Breakthrough Technology that Gives Couples Comfort Control™ Without Compromise

Couples should not have to pick a middle-of-the-road mattress that doesn’t quite meet either partner’s needs—that’s ridiculous and unhealthy. To eliminate this problem, all isense mattresses feature dual-zone adjustability. Remember what we said about never having to compromise on your sleep quality (or feel guilty about your partner compromising theirs)?

Dual-zone adjustability is the hero that makes this possible. This customizable innovation lets one partner adjust the firmness or plushness of their side of the mattress, while the other partner has full and independent control of their side of the bed. You get to sink into a plush cloud-like bed while your partner enjoys firm support. Neither of you has to compromise.

Until recently, dual-zone control was available only in air beds, which make up about 5 percent of mattresses sold in the U.S[CE1] . That seemed too limited to us. Couples already have a hard enough time finding high-quality sleep solutions. So we put our patented technology into a premium innerspring mattress and premium foam mattress to give you better, more beneficial choices.

Our innerspring hybrid Revive mattress is a favorite among couples who need the option of adjustable firm support for comfort and ongoing back or joint pain. In the past, one partner would get the firm sleep surface they need and the other person would toss and turn like Goldilocks on a bed that was “too hard.” Now, couples get a good night’s sleep that’s just right.

Unlike conventional static springs and foam, our groundbreaking technology adapt to your preferences. This means isense mattresses are durable enough to last for several years without ever being rigid or losing their agility. No matter what kind of comfort your bodies need or how often you make a change, you deserve the best sleep quality that comes from controlled comfort.


2. How the Adjustable Pillow Allows for Controlled Comfort

The second component in isense’s signature sleep experience is the pillow. Did you know that your pillow makes up 20 percent of your sleep surface? It’s a lot more important than we tend to give it credit for. Some pillow brands claim to be adjustable, but what they mean is that you can adjust which pillow you order.

Once it arrives, there’s no way to actually customize a standard pillow to your needs. That’s unfortunate, because, just like your body, your head and neck need varying levels of support throughout your life. We thought about the many ways your pillow needs to adjust to your sleep positions, whether you sleep on your back or your side. A good pillow will even be there to support you if you snore or experience occasional congestion.

We carefully crafted our Classic Adjustable Pillow to be long lasting and deliciously comfortable, all while offering superior support for your head and neck. It is truly adjustable, enabling you to achieve proper spinal alignment, and it naturally conforms to your preferred sleep position. Infused with thermoregulating gel, this pillow acts as a gatekeeper for temperature extremes, keeping it (and you) from getting too hot or too cold while you sleep. No, you don’t have to share your isense pillow with your partner—that’s just for you.


3. How an Adjustable Base Improves Ergonomics

For many couples, having the right mattress and pillow already feels great. But to achieve true control over your sleep environment, adding an adjustable base is a natural progression toward a superior sleep experience. An adjustable base is especially beneficial for couples with one or both partners who experience limited mobility or are recovering from an injury. So, we partnered with Ergomotion to bring our customers the Elite adjustable base with proprietary extension deck technology. This reduces the compression on the mattress and your midsection, making a more comfortable bed for your whole body.

Need a little lift to experience fuller mobility? Enjoy many of your favorite hobbies together—like reading and card games—in the comfort of your bed. It might be tempting to use your adjustable base to sit up and watch TV at bedtime, but there are several other health-boosting reasons this contributes to the ultimate sleep experience. Many snorers find relief by elevating their head. Leg injury or swollen ankles? Elevate the feet. You have the gentle assist from your bed to sit up or raise your feet for better circulation. This is the kind of sleep technology that changes a life.


4. What Couples Need to Know About Leveraging Sleep Tracking Data

The fourth element of our ultimate sleep system is the ability to track your sleep. More and more studies are showing that we don’t always know how well we slept or even for how long. Sounds strange, but sometimes we think we’re awake when we’re asleep and sometimes we think we’ve slept fine but actually didn’t get the right kind of sleep or just didn’t sleep nearly as well as we thought we did. The quality of sleep we get matters as much as the quantity. But not even our partners can tell the difference between an average night’s sleep and an excellent one. You don’t want to wait until you’re showing signs of sleep deprivation before you take action to improve your health.

Sleep tracking isn’t meant to scare you or make you feel bad about your habits. Actually, sleep tracking gives us objective, actionable data instead of relying on the very subjective and ambiguous notion of how we think we slept. You can use this data to understand how your lifestyle and your environment affect your sleep quality.

The number one reason some couples are hesitant to start tracking their sleep is not knowing what to actually do with the information once it is tracked and reported to them. If you track your sleep long enough, you’ll be able to  tell exactly what you did yesterday to make yourself sleepy today—maybe coffee too late in the day and a second glass of wine at dinner? Whoops. Over time, you’ll learn what works for your household and what doesn’t with the ultimate goal of achieving your best night’s sleep every single night.


Taking Control of Your Sleep Experience

You have many opportunities to customize your sleep experience as a couple. Changing the temperature in your room, the quality of your bedding, the color of your room and the lights you use can make your bedroom a more relaxing retreat. Other habits like skipping alcohol before bed and turning off electronic devices an hour before bedtime can make positive changes that will improve your sleep. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and getting out to exercise as a couple can also help you catch higher quality Zs.

But if your bed doesn’t provide the right comfort and support for you and your partner, all of those best practices won’t be enough to get you the quality and quantity of sleep you need. With isense, you and your partner can create the ultimate sleep experience in your own home with the power to make real and lasting changes to your sleep. And better sleep quality is key to better quality of life.

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