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Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Jump on the Bed

Kids love to bounce up and down on the bed, and parents often find that to be extremely adorable. It may seem like a harmless activity, but parents should stop their children from doing that. Jumping on the bed may be fun, but it can lead to accidents and damage the mattress, which might result in some sleepless nights, especially if you have a newborn in the house and have difficulty getting your regular hours of sleep.

Let's look at why it’s dangerous to jump on the bed and what it can do to your mattress.

Why You Shouldn't Let Kids Jump on the Bed

Before we describe how jumping on the bed can ruin your mattress, let's start with the most critical aspect, which is your kids. There are approximately 5000 children each year in the US that sustain significant injuries from falling through a window. The most common cause of such falls is due to jumping on a bed near to a window. Keep in mind that the number of accidents in this situation tends to be higher during the summer because the windows are often left open for ventilation. 

Another issue is that a lot of bedrooms have ceiling fans to keep the room cool. If the fan is running, then jumping on the bed can be dangerous. The child might jump too high and obtain an injury from a spinning blade. If the fan is not running, the child might hit their head on a light fixture or other fan structure, which can lead to burns and concussion.

What Effects Can Jumping on the Bed Have on Your Mattress?

If the above reasons don't scare you, then we hope that damaging your mattress may make you think twice.

Shorten The Lifespan

The average lifespan of a new mattress is approximately 7 to 10 years. Unfortunately, if you keep letting your kids jump on it like a trampoline, there's a significant chance that it could shorten its lifespan. The constant heavy pressure after each jump can damage the structure and integrity of the mattress, so as time goes by, you may feel some irregular lumps on the mattress, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on.

Microscopic Organisms

Kids are naturally dirty; they love to play in the backyard and run around in the house. All of this means that the soles of their feet are filled with dirt and debris. Just imagine if they decided to jump on your mattress barefoot. Kids may shed their skin, sweat, or spill things on the mattress. They can leave dirt and debris on the mattress, which can make it heavier over time.

If that's not gross enough, all of this mess can lead to a favorable environment for microscopic organisms, such as dust mites to take over your bed. They can live comfortably in the mattress for years, and at night, they can feast on your skin, leading to an allergic reaction or dermatitis. When this happens, it's time to replace your mattress.

Broken Springs

Occasional bounces here and there will not destroy your mattress, but constant jumping daily can destroy the box spring. A broken spring can cause the mattress to settle unevenly, reducing its support foundation.

Weaker Edges

Do you ever feel like you are going to roll off of your bed? As time goes by, the edges of the mattress become looser, which decreases the size of the sleeping surface of the bed. Eventually, it will be hard to sit on the edge of the bed without sliding off. If you keep letting your kids jump on the bed, it can weaken the edges, which means you will have to consider purchasing another mattress.

Destroys the Bed Frame

Many people think that the function of the bedframe is to add personality to the bedroom, but its real role is to protect and support your mattress. If you have rambunctious kids, it's best to encourage them to play hide-and-seek or tag. Letting your kids jump on the bed for hours can damage the bedframe.

Without a functional bedframe, there won't be adequate support to hold the underside of the mattress. Therefore specific areas of the mattress might end up handling the majority of the pressure. This uneven distribution can destroy your bed sleeping surface, which can lead to sleepless nights.

How do you stop your kids from jumping on the bed?

Once you understand the reason why you shouldn't let your kids jump on the bed, there are ways to stop them from doing it.

Explain the Dangers to Them

You don't want to get too scientific, but make it simple enough, so they understand. The best way to explain the repercussion of jumping on the bed is to tell a story. A good example would be "10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," where each of them disappears one by one from a mysterious injury. It's best to use a little bit of imagination and fear to keep them from continuing these bad habits.

Set a Punishment

The best strategy is to choose a punishment that fits the child's ability and age. Your child needs to understand that each time he or she jumps on the bed, they would be grounded, lose their allowance, or lose certain privileges.

Final Thoughts

It's adorable watching your kids having fun and staying active, but jumping on the mattress can lead to some repercussions. It can result in a trip to the ER with broken bones or a damaged mattress that will require an expensive replacement.

The best way to stop this habit is to explain the reasons why you don’t want them to jump on the bed and to establish a punishment if they do. Even if you have a strong and sturdy bed, they can still cause damage. If you are interested in how heavy are Tempur pedic beds, you can check out our article.

At the end of the day, you want to prolong the life of your mattress so that you can sleep heavenly at night. With that in mind, it is imperative to do whatever you can to stop your kids from jumping on the bed.

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