Getting the right amount of sleep each night is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body loses the opportunity to heal and recharge, leaving you feeling less than stellar throughout the day.

Replacing your old mattress is a great way to help get you back on a normal sleep cycle, but there are seemingly countless options. It can be difficult to determine which bed will be best for you, so we’ve put together a quick guide to walk you through some important decision-making factors.

How Heavy Is a Sleep Number Bed?

If you share a bed with a partner, it may be difficult to find a mattress that you both find comfortable. Sleep Number beds offer a solution by allowing each person to adjust the firmness of their side of the bed.

A Sleep Number bed is a good option for couples who require different levels of firmness and can’t agree on a middle ground.

A queen-size Sleep Number mattress weighs 32.5 pounds. This is relatively light compared to most queen-size mattresses, making it easy to move around whenever you need.

Generally speaking, heavier mattresses are higher in quality, but that’s not always the case. A Sleep Number mattress is, in a way, a high-quality inflatable mattress.

Lighter mattresses tend to slide around more on top of the bed frame, which causes more wear and tear and increases the risk of potential damage.

You may want a heavier mattress that moves around less to save on unnecessary wear and tear, and also so that you feel your weight is always supported.

How Heavy Is a Tempurpedic Bed?

Tempurpedic beds are a great option for those with the tendency to toss and turn during the night. The memory foam forms to the shape of your body, making it comfortable for almost anyone.

If you sleep with a partner who moves around a lot during the night, the Tempurpedic mattress is also a great option as the memory foam works to isolate movement, making your partner’s movement next to impossible to notice.

The obvious downside to the Tempurpedic mattress, when compared to a Sleep Number bed, is its lack of customization. You’re not able to set your side of the bed to your own firmness preference.

Depending on the size, a Tempurpedic mattress can weigh between 61 and 121 pounds. As we already mentioned, the heavier the mattress, the higher the quality -- but not always.

The added weight of the Tempurpedic mattress helps to keep it in place on top of the bed frame, reducing the overall amount of wear and tear it gets. Heavier mattresses also tend to hold their shape for longer, making them a worthy investment for the long run.

Heavier mattresses are more expensive to ship, though, and more difficult to move around. This may not be a great option if you move around a lot for work, or if you live alone and have no one to help you move it.

How Much Weight Can a Sleep Number Bed Support?

If you’re overweight, you might be worried about purchasing an air mattress such as Sleep Number for regular use. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night on top of a deflated mattress, and then have to pay even more money to have it repaired.

Luckily, Sleep Number beds can support up to 400 pounds per air chamber. That means that, in total, a Sleep Number bed can support up to 800 pounds as long as you and your sleep partner stay on separate sides.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your body weight causing damage to your bed.

The downside is that you’ll have to stay on separate sides of the bed. If you like to cuddle with your partner during the night, you may want to consider a different model.

How Much Weight Can a Tempurpedic Bed Support?

The Tempurpedic mattress has no air chambers like the Sleep Number bed, so you don’t have to worry about it bursting.

The Tempurpedic power bases can support up to 650 pounds each, making them a great option for people of all shapes and sizes.


If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, consider an isense mattress. Isense mattresses feature the customization capability of a Sleep Number bed and the memory foam comfort of a Tempurpedic by using groundbreaking design that combines memory foam, inflation chamber, and inner-spring technologies.


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