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Sleep Solutions for Every Preference—A Love Story

Sleep technology has come a long way since Berliner Heinrich Westphal invented the first modern mattress during the 1870s. But it wasn’t until 1981 that consumers could purchase an adjustable mattress to adapt to their individual needs. For over a century, couples would buy one mattress, sleep on it for 7-10 years and then replace it. If they happened to experience poor sleep and other health issues along the way, there was no mechanism for adjusting their comfort. And you bet both partners had to compromise on the support and sleep surface of their shared bed.

The first adjustable air mattress to join the market offered some relief and helped people achieve the change they needed. But for many, the preference for an innerspring mattress far outweighed the support and sleep quality they could experience with an adjustable air bed. Because adjustable innerspring mattresses were not available, those consumers missed out. This is a love story, though, and there is a happily ever after. In 2018, the innovators at isense introduced couples to a more inclusive range of adjustable sleep solutions, including a proprietary foam mattress and, yes, an innerspring hybrid mattress. In fact, isense is the World’s first mattress designed for couples™.

Now you and your partner can sleep better with the support and comfort that suits each of your needs—on the kind of bed you like best. No compromises, just restful sleep and a peaceful home. But that’s just the beginning. We’ll decode the isense adjustable mattress collection to help you discover which sleep solutions could be best for you.

The Best Adjustable Mattresses for Real Couples

For many couples, the question of whether to purchase a foam bed or an innerspring bed comes down to support levels. Before isense made both mattresses fully adjustable, you would have to choose between the medium to firm support of an innerspring bed and the plush to medium comfort of a foam mattress. Well, now you can enjoy either one based on your particular health needs and preferences. Consider these real-life sleep styles and research-backed recommendations as you look for the best adjustable mattresses for your lifestyle.

The Best Mattress for Couples Who Cuddle

According to a report by The National Sleep Foundation, only 13 percent of couples report cuddling while sleeping. That’s a missed opportunity because even cuddling before you sleep releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone promotes relaxation and can even boost your immune system. A proprietary foam sleep surface, like our Refresh – Energex Foam mattress is a great choice for cuddlers.

We craft each mattress with supremely breathable materials—no cuddle sweats here—and our unique foam surface bounces back, so you and your partner don’t roll into the center and get stuck in a “cuddle crater.” You know what we’re talking about, and it’s not romantic. Sleep sweetly with the best mattress for couples who cuddle instead.

The Best Mattress for Couples Who Snore

Snoring is tough enough for individuals, and it can be especially difficult for couples. Unresolved, chronic snoring can be a sign of a serious condition, sleep apnea, and it can keep both partners awake at night. Snoring is caused by the tissues in the back of your throat relaxing and narrowing your airways, which leads to limited airflow and that signature raspy sound. There are several lifestyle changes that stop snoring, including adjusting your mattress. Try sleeping on your side and adjusting your mattress to support your spinal alignment.

If you do sleep on your back, invest in an adjustable bed base and elevate your head a few inches to alleviate nasal congestion. Any sleep surface can help you stop snoring if it is compatible with an adjustable base and supports your back and hips for proper alignment while also maximizing your comfort as you sleep.

The Best Mattress for Couples with Joint or Back Pain

Joint and back pain can develop for a number of reasons: an injury or accident, osteoarthritis, weather changes and just plain aging. If you experience chronic pain, the National Sleep Foundation suggests selecting a mattress with firm support and a plush foam surface, like our Revive – Hybrid Premier mattress. Innerspring technology offers extra support, while layers of comfortable foam relieve pressure points caused by stiff joints.

Plus, because isense adjustable mattresses feature dual Comfort Control™ technology, you’ll enjoy firm support and pain relief, and your partner can still experience a plush, cloud-like bed, springs and all.

The Best Mattress for Couples During Pregnancy

Practicing good sleep hygiene during pregnancy can be difficult for both partners. Hormonal changes and new pressure on your joints and internal organs can make falling and staying asleep difficult. Finding the right mattress to support a healthy sleep position and soothe your aches and pains through each trimester is essential. Most sleep experts recommend sleeping on your left side during pregnancy because this maintains healthy circulation and digestion and helps your spine stay properly aligned.

Foam mattress surfaces, like the isense Refresh – Energex Foam mattress, conform ever so slightly to your changing body. This makes it easier to adjust to a new sleep position if you aren’t accustomed to sleeping on your side, too. What’s more, a mattress with thick foam alleviates minor aches and pains you’ll probably experience in your back, hips, and ankles. Simply adjust the support as your body changes. You and your partner will sleep like babies through your pregnancy.

Fall in Love With Sleep Again

Behind every happy couple, there’s an adjustable mattress that gives each partner their best night’s sleep. Every couple is unique, just like every individual, so you shouldn’t be limited to just one kind of adjustable mattress. When you and your partner can choose the sleep surface you like best with comfort and support you can customize, you’ll feel well rested and at peace with each other. Available in cutting-edge foam and hybrid innerspring options, isense adjustable mattresses help you fall in love with sleep—and each other—again and again. We told you there was a happy ending!

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