If you lead a busy life, it’s important that you rest well. Sleep is essential to living a healthy lifestyle because so many crucial biological processes take place during normal sleep.

From repairing damaged cells, to getting rid of toxic waste, to restoring energy, your body needs quality shuteye that you look forward to at the end of a long day. There are many things that can disrupt sleep, ultimately disrupting these fundamental biological processes, and tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress is one of them.

Everyone likes a different level of firmness when it comes to their bed mattress, and Sleep Number offers a potential solution for many. Using air inflation technology, you’re able to adjust the firmness of your mattress to your specific liking, but does that make the Sleep Number bed an air mattress?

Is Sleep Number an Air Mattress?

If you’ve ever slept on an air bed, you know exactly how uncomfortable it can be. They’re loud when inflating and often deflate over the course of one night, so they’re not great for long-term use.

It’s possible to compare the Sleep Number bed to an air mattress simply because they both use air inflation technology. Most regular air mattresses feature a single inflatable chamber that makes up the structure of the regular mattress, while Sleep Number mattresses use one or two air chambers depending on the size and model.

Beyond that, there aren’t many similarities.

An air mattress is usually made of rubber, can be deflated completely and folded up for easy storage, while a Sleep Number bed is a full-blown mattress. You won’t be able to store this one in your closet.

Air beds have no extra padding to help improve comfort. What you see is what you get, while the Sleep Number beds are smart beds that feature air chambers within the mattress itself. These chambers inflate or deflate, allowing you to control the firmness or softness of your mattress.

So, is Sleep Number an air mattress? In a way, yes, but in many other ways, it provides a much higher level of quality. Sleep Number beds will likely outperform any inflatable air mattresses that you put it up against, simply because they’re players from completely different leagues.

Common Problems with Air Mattresses

While Sleep Number offers a great way for individuals and couples to tailor their mattresses to their liking, it also has some technical downsides, which isense aims to eliminate.

A good mattress should be comfortable, but also capable of supporting your weight. Not all air mattresses are alike, but usually when they’re not fully inflated, they don’t completely support the weight of the person sitting or laying, making it difficult to sit or lay comfortably and get restful sleep.


As we mentioned earlier, most air mattresses feature a single air chamber. When this air chamber isn’t completely full, the surface of the mattress sags in the middle.

This happens sometimes with Sleep Number mattresses. If you prefer a softer setting, it’s possible that your Sleep Number mattress will sag in the middle. This can make the bed look cheap or tacky to some, and also makes it next to impossible to sleep anywhere other than the center of the mattress.


If you use any regular air mattress, you can almost always expect it to deflate at least a little bit over the course of a night. This is why air mattresses are often only used for camping and hosting guests.

They’re easy to set up and comfortable enough for a night or two, but beyond that, you can’t really expect it to perform as well as any regular bed mattress.

One of the most common complaints regarding the Sleep Number bed is deflation. This should be expected when using any type of inflatable mattress, even one wrapped in memory foam and remotely controlled.

Is isense an Air Mattress?

While Sleep Number offers a great way for individuals and couples to tailor their mattress firmness to their liking, it also has some technical downsides, which isense aimed to eliminate.

The isense mattress isn’t an air mattress. While the Sleep Number bed only has one or two adjustable air chambers, the isense mattress features fourteen chambers that are supported by special pocket coils underneath, and cushioned with premium memory foam on top.

A common problem that people have with the Sleep Number bed is the “trench effect,” which we touched on earlier. When the adjustable air chamber isn’t fully inflated (if you prefer a soft setting), it will sag in the middle, resulting in a “trench effect” and causing you to slide into the middle of the mattress.

isense’s adjustable air pockets are individually supported, meaning that even the softest setting won’t cause the mattress to sag in the center.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, isense offers comfort using breakthrough technology that other brands struggle to compete with.

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