Improve your Sleep Health.

Track and adjust your sleep routines with the boldness of real-time learning.

Sleep Tracking: Simplified

Awareness of sleep quality can be difficult to track on your own.
iSense includes Integrated Smartbed Technology to track your sleep for you with every Hybrid Premier mattress.

Collect Insights For a Healthier Future

Each iSense Hybrid Premier mattress is built with a biometric sensor which tracks only the essentials: duration, heart rate, respiration and movement. We believe sleep data is only helpful when it is easy to understand and to apply for your health. That is why we keep our data points simple, only including the most critical numbers and nothing more.

Unwind in the Cozy Comfort of a Regular Sleep & Wake Cycle

Awaken to an overall sleep score between 1-100. This creates a very simple but effective way to track the quality of your sleep performance and make small adjustments over time.

No matter what each day brings, when it ends, there’s always a chance to experience restorative rest, personalized just for you by iSense. Sleeping is simple. We think sleep tracking technology should be, too.

Why Track Sleep?

What you do with your sleep data can mean the difference between experiencing your day energized or slogging through it in a fog. It’s not just the hours of sleep that matter, but the quality of those hours. We are committed to helping you achieve amazing sleep performance, and tracking key sleep indicators can help you make small adjustments over time.

Measuring Only the Most Important Metrics for Sleep Performance

There are a lot of sleep tracking apps on the market, but we chose to keep it simple by measuring only sleep duration, respiratory rate, heart rate, and movement for each side of the bed.

Sleep is Simple. Sleep Technology Should Be, Too.

Why each measurement matters.

Heart Rate

Tracking your heart rate is one way to capture your movement throughout the night.


Tracking your rate of respiration provides insight into your changing oxygen levels.


Tracking movement with the other indicators provides a glimpse into how much you toss and turn in your sleep.


Tracking sleep duration can help you better understand your body’s unique sleep needs.

Finally, a Daily Wellness Habit You Can Practice Without Thinking About It.

These insights can give you an idea of what your sleep cycles tend to look like, without overwhelming you with details that don’t necessarily lead to any action. In addition, these points can alert you to whether or not you are likely experiencing the brain-health benefits of deep sleep, such as memory-processing and boosts to your immunity functions.

Every person needs sleep, but what you need to maintain a high-quality sleep routine is unique. Sleep tracking is a step toward making excellent sleep performance–and all of its energizing benefits–a concrete reality in your day-to-day routine.

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