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Why Your Bed Should Only Be for Sleeping

How often do you find yourself in bed but not really sleeping? Why is this? Why is it that our beds are so comfortable (especially with your isense mattress), so cozy and inviting, yet we are unable to sleep when we lie down on them? Why does going to bed at night seem like a chore rather than the luxury it should be? Why is your bedroom an environment where you cannot perform certain activities such as eating or working. Why can't you read in bed or watch TV in bed without being disturbed by the light of a screen? 

There are many people who tend to make their bed an area for everything from eating to working to lounging. This is not recommended when trying to achieve the best possibility for optimal sleep. It is highly recommended to keep your bed for sleeping only.

Why shouldn't you eat in bed?

Eating in Bed: The reason that eating is discouraged while trying to sleep can be summed up with a single word, indigestion. Not only will food likely cause your stomach to hurt but the extra calories taken in at bedtime can add up and add extra unwanted weight to the body.

Hygiene: Eating in bed can lead to food crumbs in your bed. Not only is it uncomfortable to sleep in food but it isn't very sanitary due to bacterial growth that can occur from bread crumbs and other food items that don't make it into your mouth.

You should try your hardest to focus on eating at a kitchen table and not mixing your sleep area with your eating space. This will allow for good rest and stay within your calorie allotment for the day.

Why you shouldn't do work in bed?

Work in Bed: Because it is hard to concentrate.

Working in bed can lead to a lack of productivity and creativity because the environment doesn't allow for focus on anything but sleep-related tasks. This also leads to more stress as being unable to get your work done means that there is less time for proper sleep. If you find yourself working in bed more often than not your productivity level probably isn't to it's full potential.

You should find a desk or a workstation to do your work at, and keep your work and your sleep spaces separate.

Why you shouldn't watch TV in bed?

Have you ever sat down to watch something on TV and next thing you notice that two hours have gone by? People who watch TV in bed tend to watch too much television when they should be sleeping and getting rest. Not getting enough rest due to watching too much TV late into the evening is very common for many people. Also the blue light that is given off of the screen keeps the brain wired and firing. What this means is that once it's time to fall asleep you may have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. This can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm which can lead to you feeling groggy during your waking hours when you should be feeling refreshed and recharged from last night's sleep.

Why is it not recommended to read in bed?

Reading is another distraction from sleeping and getting good quality rest. If you are having a difficult time falling asleep it is recommended to move to the couch to read for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes are up. Go back to bed and try falling asleep once again. Reading can help assist you in becoming sleepy but it is still not recommended for the activity to be done in bed.

Another reason why you should not read, work, or eat in your bedroom at night is that the activity will cause the body's temperature and heart rate levels to increase. This might make one feel as though they are amp'ed up and energized rather than relaxed and comfortable and ready for sleep.

When it comes down to it, the largest reason people shouldn't do other activities in bed is distraction. These distractions can lead to losing quality sleep time by staying up too late and not getting the recommended amount of sleep which in return turns into acquiring sleep debt. Once you have built up sleep debt it is hard to get caught up on sleep and can have you feeling "sluggish" for days to follow. There is no real way to "make up" sleep. It will require getting back on a good sleep habit schedule and staying consistent with it. A good sleep routine is only as good as how consistent it can be.

Sleep Routines:

Prior to sleep you should do other activities other than eat, work, or watch TV. You could take a warm shower or bath. You could turn on some soothing music, turn your AC down, and even some form of meditation, guided hypnosis, or other relaxation techniques can be used to help prepare the body and mind for a good night's rest and sleep.

If you find that you struggle to get to sleep, you should make sure to stop all work and start letting your body and mind settle down at least 60 minutes prior to wanting to be asleep.

Remember, when it comes to getting a great night's rest it is important to keep your eating space, work space, and reading, writing, or TV watching in separate areas. This will allow for your brain and body to realize that when you are in bed, it's time for rest and sleep and no other activities that can distract you from getting the amount of sleep needed for proper functioning during the day time.

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