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Learn How Soothing Music Can Help You Sleep Better

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Soothing music has long been a tool many people use to help achieve better sleep.  The use of soothing music can; slow breathing, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, quiet the nervous system and soothe muscle tension. Additionally, soothing music can reduce stress and anxiety, trigger the release of sleep-friendly hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, and reduce sleep-inhibiting hormones like cortisol. Make sure to read through all points on this isense list to ensure the best quality sleep you can!

Slows Breathing:

One of the benefits of soothing music is that it helps slow down your breathing. When you slow down your breathing you are more likely to become relaxed and ready for a good night's rest. Some of the benefits of slow breathing include lowering your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress.

Slows the Heart Rate:

Another benefit of soothing music is that it can help slow down the heart rate. When you have a slower heartbeat this can increase relaxation which in turn will lead to better quality sleep as well as lower your risk for high blood pressure related diseases. One of the best reasons people choose to meditate is for slowing down the heart rate in order to receive all of the benefits in doing so.

The benefits of lowering your blood pressure:

The benefits of lowering your blood pressure include reducing the risk for high blood pressure related diseases, including a stroke or heart attack. When you have lower blood pressure there is less strain on your heart and arteries so this can reduce cardiovascular disease.

Reduces Stress:

Soothing music lowers stress levels by slowing down breathing rates which can help with many different factors that take place including lower blood pressure, lower heart rates and a reduction in muscle tension.

Reduces Anxiety:

Soothing music can also be beneficial for reducing anxiety as it is proven to trigger the release of sleep-friendly hormones that include serotonin and oxytocin which help with cognitive function like memory retention. The calming nature of soothing music can help with so many different bodily functions that allow for a great night's sleep.

What are the best types of music to listen to when falling asleep?

- Classical music

- Pianos and other instruments that have a more calming tone

- No lyrics or vocals to disrupt the mind from focusing on falling asleep

Why lowering your cortisol levels will help with sleep?

- Cortisol is a hormone that helps with your stress levels and anxiety. When it's active during the evening hours, it can disrupt your sleep which leads to poor quality of sleep

How does soothing music affect cortisol levels?

- It lowers cortisol levels because the calming nature will help reduce any worries or stresses you may have had throughout the day.

How can soothing music ease muscle tension in the body?

- Muscle tension is caused by stress and anxiety. Soothing music can help release that tension because it's calming, relaxing, and soothing to the body

What are some ways you could use this information?

- Make a playlist for night time with gentle songs on it , or choose to use a website like YouTube that plays classical or soothing music for an eight hour period of time while you sleep.

What are some other ways to help you get to sleep better?

- Make sure you get a good hour or two of exercise during the day; keep your bedroom as dark and cool as possible to help with this.

How does soothing music act on the nervous system?

- Soothing music is also used in meditation because it can slow breathing, lower heart rates, and reduce blood pressure - which helps the body lower cortisol levels that have peaked throughout a stressful day at the office. In doing this you can assure a good night's rest to feel recharged and refreshed for the next day at hand.

When it comes to music, any soothing, classical, or nature sounds can be of great benefit. Not only do they help with many bodily functions that can relax you enough to fall asleep, but studies have shown that soothing music can help you stay asleep more peacefully and sound for longer periods of time!

The next time you notice that you're struggling to get good quality sleep try playing some soothing music and taking some deep breaths this should allow for the body and mind to relax enough for you to drift off and get the rest that your body needs and deserves!

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