Introductory Offer on The New isense Adjustable Mattress

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We’re so confident that you and your partner will have your best night’s sleep ever on our isense Refresh adjustable mattress, we’ve put together this incredible introductory offer.

For a limited time, save $400 and we’ll even send you two isense Classic adjustable pillows for FREE, just for trying our groundbreaking adjustable mattress.

introductory mattress offer

Plus receive our 180-night guarantee in-home trial. Offering a 180-night guarantee on a brand new mattress with no return or restocking fees and giving you giving two free Classic adjustable pillows to keep might seem like a risk, but we make this offer because the isense adjustable mattress WILL improve your sleep quality for years to come.


Start Your 180 Nights of Compromise-Free Sleep

isense mattress Comfort Control™What sets isense apart from other mattress trials? We’ve created the world’s first mattress designed for couples™, featuring Comfort Control™. This proprietary technology allows for precise adjustments on each side of the bed, independently without affecting their partner’s comfort. Couples can choose from 40 different comfort settings in one mattress to discover what best suits each of their individual needs. No more compromising when it comes to shared comfort. It’s truly a complete mattress store rolled into one bed—minus the sales jargon, of course.

If at any time during your 180-night guarantee in-home mattress trial period, you’re not completely satisfied with the comfort and support of your isense Refresh adjustable mattress, we will pick up the mattress at no cost, refund your purchase and leave you with the two free Classic adjustable pillows valued at $140 just for trying our adjustable mattress.

How the isense adjustable mattress introductory offer works:

  • Choose your Refresh adjustable mattress** size.
  • After receiving your order, we will ship your isense Refresh adjustable mattress, along with two FREE Classic adjustable pillows free to your home within 7-10 business days. Your 180-night guarantee in-home trial period begins when you receive your mattress.
  • If at any time during your 180-night guarantee in-home trial period, you decide you’re not completely satisfied with your isense adjustable mattress, we’ll pick it up at no cost to you, and refund your purchase. That’s right, no return or restocking fees (unlike some other mattress brand guarantees or “free trial” offers).

And you get to keep the two free Classic adjustable pillows just for giving our adjustable mattress a try.

Start Living Your Best Life With Better Sleep Tonight

There you have it. Save $400, receive two FREE Classic adjustable pillows, 180-night guarantee in-home trial, no shipping costs, no return or restocking fees and absolutely no gimmicks. Just an amazing adjustable mattress you and your partner will love for years to come. Choose your Refresh adjustable mattress and get your best night’s sleep every night, starting now.

introductory mattress offer

** This incredible introductory offer is only available on the isense Refresh adjustable mattress model.


  • Hello i just had a quick question
    I’m about to buy a mattress and debating either to buy one of your Mattresses or get a sleep number mattress can you tell me the different between Sleep number and your mattress. Thank you for your time.

    Gus olmedo
  • I am looking for a good mattress that I can get a goodnight sleep. It’s been 30 years since I slept well!!!

  • I would love to sleep again cause it’s been 30 years since I’ve slept well and I don’t feel comfortable with this mattress I’ve been sleeping in!!!


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