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Paul Longman

My mission has been, and always will be the same as yours – to discover the best night’s sleep.

Paul Longman is the Founder and CEO of isense, maker of the world's first mattress designed for couples™. Paul has been helping people improve their sleep for over 30 years by building the most innovative mattresses in the industry, first in Australia and now in the US.

His mission has been, and always will be the same as his customers – to discover the best night’s sleep. The only difference is, he made a career out of it. Over Paul's 30 year mattress-making career, he found himself privy to vast amounts of information and technology from some of the best mattress makers in the world. Even more importantly was his exposure to customer insights. And while the data, technology and innovations all came and went – the customers’ wants and needs always remained the same – to find a truly great mattress that themselves and their partners could agree on, all without the hassle.

From this, Paul's mission emerged; to improve lives and relationships through a better night’s sleep. And thus, isense was born.