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What Exactly is Comfort Control™ Technology?

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It’s interesting being the brand manager for a young company, getting to be part of the building of a voice. One of the things you don’t think about if you’ve never done that before is how you go about shaping a company’s vocabulary. How do you best convey to the world who isense are and what they're about?

One of the first conversations happened before I even arrived. Our product is so revolutionary to the industry that there really was no existing way to convey it. In those early days, there was more than one conversation centered on how best to explain our mattresses—and pillow, for that matter.

In the bedding industry, when you say adjustable, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the ability to raise or lower your head or feet. And while we do have products that can do that, it’s not the core of what we do.

The solution they came to was beautifully simple because when it comes down to it, what we do is harness technology to place comfort in the control of the consumer.

How so?

By giving people the ability to make their mattresses firmer or plusher with the touch of an app. By making pillows that, among other things, can be height-adjusted to fit your particular build, sleeping preferences, and even mood. We do this with an entire line of sleep accessories to make your bedroom environment conducive to the perfect night’s sleep.

When I first took this job, I heard this and thought “cool.” It wasn’t until I started learning about the industry, about how many people spend thousands of dollars on a mattress only to find out that, at some point, what felt comfortable in the showroom became a pain-in-the-neck (or back) and they were stuck with it. Maybe it was the next day, week, or year, but their comfort needs changed before the life of the mattress was up. Or one partner loved the mattress purchase and another was left tossing and turning.

When you’re picking a mattress out of a sea of white rectangles and have no ability to change anything once you get your white rectangle home, the odds of getting something that works for you—and your partner—for the entire life of the mattress are pretty slim.

Knowing that, it makes sense that people who purchase an adjustable air mattress are typically the most satisfied post-purchase. (According to this Consumer Reports article from 2016) But if that’s the case, why are the vast majority of mattress purchases still spring or foam?

That's because we love our spring and foam beds! When you have a mattress surface you prefer, it’s hard to sacrifice that in the name of adjustability. And for some reason, despite all of the technological advancements in our current day and age, we accept this.

We, as a society, expect the products we use to change to suit our needs and wants in just about every area of our lives. Even my phone case is tailored to my tastes (Van Gogh’s Sunflowers). It goes without saying that my 6’1” son doesn’t have to drive the same distance from the wheel as me (at 5’7”). If we had to choose one size of pants to fit every single person in the United States, we’d be in trouble. So why do we settle when it comes to our mattress, even though we spend 1/3 of our life on it?

We settled because we thought we had to. But we don’t. At least, not anymore, thanks to iSense Sleep’s Comfort Control™ Technology. The patented VariCoil™ and VariFoam™ technology in our beds means comfort is yours to control. 

And if you’re someone who loves your air mattress, we have a pretty fantastic version of that, too.

Happy sleeping!

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