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How to Sleep Better by Creating a Bedtime Routine

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, or staying asleep, then you need a bedtime routine.

A great bedtime routine does not guarantee you'll fall asleep faster, but it helps clear your brain out so that as soon as you settle into the covers and try to sleep, you can do so more effectively. This is called having a good sleep hygiene routine.

Here is a list of some of the things you might want to add to your night time routine to get the best possible night's sleep on one of our mattresses, such as the Revive - Hybrid Premier:

Warm shower/Bath:

Taking a warm shower or bath at the end of a long stressful day can help the body and mind find the calmness and clarity it needs to unwind for a good night's rest. We recommend a warm shower or bath, not a scalding hot one. Super hot showers can actually trigger endorphins in the body to make you more alert rather than sleepy, so avoid super hot temperatures when trying to take your relaxation to the next level!

Drink Non-Caffeinated Tea:

Many years ago if people had trouble sleeping they were often told to drink a glass of warm milk. The warmth of the drink is soothing and actually allows the brain to go from fight or flight into a more meditative relaxed state. This is why so many people nowadays enjoy sipping a warm non-caffeinated drink before sleep. A warm beverage can help relax the body and the mind and get it ready for a good night's rest. Just remember that it is best to avoid alcohol before bed. Although alcohol can make you feel sleepy, the quality of sleep that you get after drinking is not good, and that has been scientifically proven. So grab that cup of chamomile tea and get cozy it's time for some rest!

Spend Quality time with your spouse:

After a long day, and once the dinner dishes have been washed and the kids are asleep, try and find 30 minutes of time to talk and unwind with your spouse. In such a busy world that we live in today it's next to impossible to find quality time. Bonding and connecting with your spouse before bed can be extremely relaxing and can actually release some pretty powerful chemicals that put you in a good state of mind for getting some sound quality rest! Just remember this doesn't mean watching TV, or sitting on your phone. You must actually engage in conversation!

Spend Quality Time with your children:

Another great way to relax after a long day of work is to spend some quality time with your children. When was the last time you truly gave your child 100% of your undivided attention for 30 minutes? They have so much to share and show you! Allow them to wow you into a blissful grateful state that will have your mind feeling at ease and ready for a great night's sleep!


Reading can be extremely relaxing for some people. For other's it's "boring." Regardless, both relaxation and boredom can help you fall asleep fast! So get a good book and head under the covers for a chapter or two. You'll feel your eyelids getting heavier by the second. Once you can't take it anymore, simply place a bookmark in your book, turn out your night light and catch some amazing ZZZ's!


There are so many different benefits to journaling. It is great to express yourself through paper and also leave something behind that can be read back at a later time. Often great journalists find that they can go back in time and gain encouragement, laughter, and even wonderful memories all simply by making a choice to journal for a few minutes each night. This can be a great way to declutter the brain and get your thoughts onto paper! One of the best journaling benefits is being able to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, which allows for racing thoughts to simply drift away - allowing you a wonderfully easy transition into a good night's rest!


Meditation is something many people overlook, but it can produce incredibly beneficial results. The best part about meditation is that you don't need to be doing any special breathing exercises or have an expensive program in order to do it. All you need to meditate is a quiet place and a little bit of time every night!

There are many guided meditations you can follow along with a site like YouTube. Simply search for nighttime sleep meditation and pick one that sounds the most soothing to you. Lay down, get comfortable, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. After just a few minutes of this you will notice that your breathing becomes easier and your body starts to relax and unwind. Before you know it, it'll be lights out and you'll be getting the rest you need to tackle the next day!

Deep Breathing Exercises:

Deep breathing exercises can be a great way to get your body ready for sleep at night. A lot of people breathe shallow and fast breaths throughout the day which doesn't really give their body a chance to relax.

Deep breathing exercises are just that, deep breaths so you exhale longer than you inhale. You should notice with just a few minutes of focus on your breathing in and out slowly that your body and mind are getting more comfortable and preparing for sleep and relaxation.

Self Hypnosis:

Self hypnosis is a great way to put your body into relaxation mode. You are the person with the most power over you and if you can tell yourself that it's okay to go into relaxation mode then your mind will work with your body to get you where you need to be.

When it comes to creating a good bedtime routine. You want to find what helps you relax and unwind the most. If this is spending time with your kiddos, great! If this is taking a warm bath, awesome! The point is, turn off your brain and unwind long enough to let your body and mind prepare for a great night's sleep.

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