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Does Bed Size Matter for Overweight People?

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Regardless of the size of a person, everyone needs the best night's sleep possible. However, many people do not realize that overweight people have different needs when selecting a mattress. Overweight individuals are presented with particular issues when it comes to sleeping.

According to the sleep experts, when you or your loved one weighs more than 200 pounds or weighs more than 400 pounds together, you will need to check that your mattress is ideal for supporting your body weight. This means that bed size matters for overweight people. It's certainly worth looking at the isense mattress vs sleep number bed comparisons to see which would be a better choice.  Also, iSense vs Tempurpedic is worth checking into. 

For obese, overweight, or simply heavier individuals because of a muscular build, you need to check out some factors when selecting an ideal mattress. Here is a look at how the bed size matters for heavier weight sleepers.

Search for a thicker mattress

Mattress thickness may not seem like an extremely important element when selecting a mattress, but it is vital to consider, particularly for overweight people. If you are someone who is on the heavier side of things, a thinner mattress will not offer you the support you require for good sleep at night. You should therefore lookout for a thick mattress to support your body.

Sleep experts recommend that overweight people should select a mattress at least twelve inches thick. A thicker mattress will be able to offer you a high level of deep compression support. This will help ease any of your high-stress pressure points and offer a much more comfortable sleeping experience while also preventing sinking or sagging of the mattress.

Go for adequate edge support and size

Edge support means that the mattress edges are well-finished, stitched securely, and firmly. This means that it will maintain its shape over a long time. Adequate edge support also enables the mattress to hold up sleeping close to the edge of the bed or sitting on the edge after you wake up.

Overweight people should consider searching for a mattress with good edge support because it will be more supportive generally. More over, most overweight people have a larger body frame and occupy a larger space. The bed should hence be significantly large enough in length and width for them to fit and sleep comfortably.

Consider getting a topper

If you cannot afford to replace your current mattress or find a firm mattress uncomfortable, a topper is a cheaper option to make the bed more comfortable for heavier people. You can purchase toppers in various materials, including memory foam. This will add a cozy layer to your firmer mattress and decrease exertion on tender joints.

Look for firm, supportive comfort

If you are overweight, mattress firmness is one of the important elements to consider. The heavier you are, the more stress your body puts on a mattress over a lifetime. This causes failures and dips in poor quality mattresses that are not well-tailored. A soft mattress will not support an overweight person properly as the body will sink very deep into the mattress.

However, you do not have to worry because there are mattresses designed to provide firmness and strong stability for overweight people. For heavier sleepers, you must select a mattress with a spring stratum or firmer support that can adapt to and absorb the extra stress your body applies to the mattress. This way, you will find the support you require to ease the stress points and rest in full comfort. In case you weigh more than 200 pounds, look for a mattress that is firmer or medium-firm.

A headboard might also be helpful, as it will offer better support for your pillows. If you are wondering which headboard to use for a sleep number bed, you can check out our recent article.

Consider a dual-firmness mattress

If both you and your partner are overweight, getting a firm mattress will suit both of you. However, in case one of you is plus-size and the other is not, you will have different sleeping needs. This is particularly true when it comes to the firmness of the mattress. Most retailers will not be able to take care of both of you, and instead, they might provide a very firm mattress to suit the heavier person.

Getting a one-size-fits-all mattress will most likely leave one partner with pains, aches, and an unsettled sleeping environment. It is better to go for a tailored approach that gets you a mattress that perfectly suits both sleepers. Therefore, when there is a massive difference between your weight and that of your partner, a dual-firmness mattress is an excellent idea. These mattresses enable you to have a different firmness level on each side to suit both partners' different requirements, so you can both have a comfortable night's sleep.

Consider breathability

For overweight people, it can be more challenging to keep cool when sleeping. In case you experience sleeping hot regularly, this can interrupt your sleep and make it difficult to get the quality rest you require. You should therefore search for a breathable mattress. These mattresses can diffuse heat more easily to keep you cool. Some of the mattresses are made with open-cell technology making the mattress more breathable.

Ensure the mattress is comfortable for a heavier weight sleeper

As an overweight person, it is more essential that the mattress provides you with proper support as your weight can exert extra stress on your body's joints and pressure points. Additionally, your mattress must fit your sense of coziness because you will not get good-quality sleep when you are not comfortable.

It is therefore a good idea to physically test a mattress in-store or order one with try-before-you-purchase options. This way, you will be sure your mattress will offer you a cozy and comfy night's sleep.

Bottom line

One thing to keep in mind is that overweight people need a high-quality type and size of bed, complete with the best mattress for heavier people. The heavier you are, the more you require a mattress that offers your entire body the right support. To rest comfortably, you will need a mattress customized to your weight that will decrease any pains and aches, and leave you feeling relaxed, rested, and refreshed when you wake up.

We hope you now have a better understanding of why bed size matters for overweight people and what you should look for when choosing a mattress. Sweet dreams!

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