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Do You Need a Headboard? Here are 5 Reasons Why you Might

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Along with a high-quality mattress, most people consider a headboard an integral part of a bed. We all know that a headboard is part of the bed frame that is located at the top end of the bed, but have you ever wondered exactly what the importance of this common piece of bedroom furniture is?

If you decide to purchase a headboard it will not cost you much, even if you are a tight budget. Still, it is worth understanding the importance of headboards, particularly if you are purchasing a new bed or reinventing your bedroom. If you're shopping for a new bed, check out our isense mattress review comparisons. Here we will take a look at five reasons why you need a headboard, which will hopefully give you a few ideas of how you can transform your bedroom.

It offers head and back support

Going to bed does not necessarily mean you will be sleeping. If you are among those who like to sit on their bed reading, a headboard changes from the "nice to have" to the "must-have" category. A headboard gives you support and enables you to sit up comfortably when doing common in-bed activities such as watching TV, reading, using a smartphone or laptop, or even eating. Today, with most headboard designs coming with additional luxury cushioning and padding support, as well as great aesthetics, your spine will certainly thank you for the added backrest, especially if you have a history of back problems.

If you want to use your headboard for back support when sitting on the bed, it is recommendable to go for an upholstered headboard. This is simply a headboard that has been attached to a padded portion to serve as a comfy backstop to lean against while sitting up in bed. Remember to ensure that the headboard should be sufficiently high to support your neck and head without being excessively high. It should also not be too big so that it begins to interfere with other items such as overhead cupboards or pictures.

Keeps pillows in place for a better night sleep

Talking about pillow problems, if you have slept in a bed without a headboard, you probably know the despair of getting up in the middle of the night with the pillow having fallen out of bed. Even worse, you are often too sleep-drugged to know whether it was stolen by your dog, taken by your snoring partner, knocked on the floor by twitching legs, or had fallen in the gap between the wall and the bed.

In most cases, the pillow has fallen into the space between the wall and the bed, which a headboard would have prevented. We cannot rule out the other possible scenarios mentioned, but a headboard will at least keep your pillows in place. And not only does it help to keep your pillows in place, but a headboard will also help to keep your bedsheets firmly tucked in to prevent any mid-sleep sheet suffocation dramas.

Enhances the look of your bedroom

Another important reason why you might need a headboard is to give your bedroom a sense of beautiful design. You may not realize it, but your bedroom is one of the places at home in which you spend most of your time. Sometimes, it only takes one piece of furniture to give a room an exceptional look. If the bedroom looks like it has been unchanged for years and has become a bit dull, getting a new headboard is one of the easiest ways to reinvent the look of both your bed and the entire bedroom. A headboard plays a great role in adding the defining finishing touch to a bed. The best thing about the headboard is that even the simplest style can suddenly make your bed comfier and more inviting as the visual backdrop allows it to stand out from the cold, hard wall.

By making a careful selection of the type, texture, and color of the headboard fabric, a headboard helps to integrate the décor plus key interior design elements of your bedroom. With your bed being the natural focal point in your bedroom, a headboard stands out immediately to make a massive visual statement and create the room's stylistic tone.

With lots of headboard materials (including wood and metal), colors, and styles to select from, you can choose something that blends perfectly with the current décor or add in an amazing textual contrast or color. Also, it adds height dynamic while occupying very little space of its own, which makes a small room look bigger with marginal design effort. The headboard size is something you should pay great attention to and make sure you get the right kind. 

Maximize the storage capacity

If you are tired of tripping over things such as books and cosmetic products lying around the floor, a headboard that features built-in storage features can come in handy for you and become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Though not for everyone, if you are a bit short of space in your bedrooms, a headboard can be an excellent tool that pairs as a storage unit. A headboard can come with built-in drawers, shelves, or a bookcase to help you save space in your bedroom.

However, the priority should be your sleeping comfort. You do not want the extra storage units on the headboard to interfere with your rest. You can consider alternatives for other pieces of furniture in the room for those storage places and drawers.

Protect your wall

If your bed is currently pressed up against the wall, getting a headboard will lower the chances of the wall or wallpaper being damaged. This means you will not have to spend extra cost or time repainting the wall when the bed corners unavoidably rub and break away chunks of paintwork as you turn and toss throughout the night.

The human body normally excretes sweat and oil from the head, which is why pillowcases get stained after a period of use. Without a headboard, oil and sweat might unintentionally contact the wall, hence ruining the finish. You most likely will not enjoy cleaning the built up grease stains off the wall when your skin and hair make contact with it. You can prevent dirty and stained walls by getting a bed with a headboard.


These are some of the reasons why you should purchase a headboard. Some might apply to you, while others might not, but hopefully this article will have given you a good idea of whether or not you need one. A headboard can also provide insulation and help keep in the warmth preventing you from brushing against the cold wall at night during winter.

A question that we often get asked is "Will any headboard work with a sleep number bed?". Well, you can know find out for yourself by checking out our article.

Along with the benefits of a headboard, you require a top-quality mattress to fully enjoy the benefits and get a good night’s sleep and feel well rested by the time you wake up. With lots of headboard designs available, as well as different types of styles, choose the best one that matches your bedroom décor and vibe, and which also complements your mattress and bed.

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